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Crock Pot Hot Process Soapmaking

Here is an easy process for CPHP (Crock Pot Hot Process).  Any recipe for CP can be used for CPHP.  I think both of my crock pots are 6-7 quarts.

  1. Take out your crock pot & turn on to "HIGH". Mix up your soap as you normally do ... same proportions, and get it to a MEDIUM trace in your soap pot. (I use a stick blender)

  2. Empty the soap pot into your crock pot. Put the crock on "LOW" and cover with the glass lid.

  3. You can peek through the lid and this is what you will observe.  The edges will start turning into the "Vaseline stage".  

  4. When all the edges look this way and the middle is still thicker than the rest, it is ok to stir.

  5. In the final stage, all the soap turns into the "Vaseline" stage. Depending on the batch, it finally comes to the consistency of mashed potatoes or thick applesauce.  Use soap approved colors, gels, powders or herbs.  Check for the "lye" sting!

  6. Leave the lid on. Turn off crock pot. Let it cool down a bit.  Add essential oil(s) or fragrance oils  & color . Stir well with a stainless steel wire whisk. The ones with a long handle are easier so you don't burn your fingers. Ask me how I know LOL!

  7. Put it in the appropriate molds (NOT Life of the Party molds).  If you want smoother soap, insulate with towels or blankets.  I use an old quilt.  This makes it go back tot he gel stage and the top of the soap will be smoother like CP.

Let it insulate overnight. Uncover & let cool till just warm. Then slice. It's pretty much ready to use as soon as it is firm. If you want your soap to last longer, "cure" for one week.  The whole "cooking" process takes about an hour. Most of my batches are not made with majority of olive oil, so my batches have never cooked longer than an hour.  Milks and honey elevate the temperature of your soap.

Courtesy Irena Marchu