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Edward Herrmann has been a friend of Garson Kanin for almost 20 years and credits him with three of the finest screenplays ever written. Born Yesterday is one of them. "Heís hit upon one of the greatest stories of self-awareness. How someone discovers her own value by studying what America is truly about and then uses that simple knowledge plus her own strength of character to go after somebody whoís trying to pervert it. Itís powerful and itís very funny" says Herrmann.

From "Born Yesterday"

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At the premiere of "The Cat's Meow"

"After I saw 'An American in Paris' I was so excited I danced around the living room. My parents were deeply concerned. Could I have shown them this book, they would have been reassured that I wasn't loopy, just in touch with a wonderful creative force. This is such an important book for children and for all of us who still dance around the living room."

Edward Herrmann's review of

from "The Sorrows of Gin"from "The Lawrenceville Stories"

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from "The Palace Thief"Black Tie Dinner, Bucknell

from "Soul of the Game"

from "Double Take"

"An Actor's Actor" ~By Marian Christy
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"The Cat's Meow"
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Rolling Stone Article
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