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"Harry's War""Richard Gilmore"

Harry's War was released in 1981 and almost
immediately withdrawn from the theaters. The stars
were audited in an apparent effort to further suppress it.


"The Dinner Party"

Lose the Boys,keep the Man...

From "Big Business"

From "Compromising Positions"

"St. Maybe""Plenty"Concours d'Elegance

With Blythe Danner in
"A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story"

When actor Edward Herrmann was hired to play Gehrig in a TV movie, he had trouble getting into the role. "What made it so tough is I could find no 'key' to his character. There was no strangeness, nothing spectacular about him. As Eleanor Gehrig told me, he was just a square, honest guy."

Together again for "The Deep Blue Sea"

Hallmark Hall of Fame Party