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from "The Cat's Meow"

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1971 “La Mortadella” (aka “Lady Liberty”) as Policeman, uncredited.

1973 “The Paper Chase” as Anderson
“The Day of the Dolphin” as Mike

1974 “The Great Gatsby” as Klipspringer

1975 “Beacon Hill” (TV series) as Richard Palmer
“The Great Waldo Pepper” as Ezra Stiles

1976 “Eleanor and Franklin” (TV) as Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1977 “Eleanor and Franklin: the White House Years" (TV) as FDR

1978 “A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story” as Lou Gehrig
“The Betsy” as Dan Weyman
“Take Down” as Ed Branish
“Brass Target” as Col. Walter Gilchrist

1979 “Freedom Road” (TV) as Stephen Holmes
“Portrait of a Stripper” (TV) as Frank Andrews
“North Avenue Irregulars” (aka “Hill’s Angels”) as Rev. Michael Hill
“3 by Cheever: The Sorrows of Gin” (TV) as Kip Lawton
“3 by Cheever: O Youth and Beauty” (TV) as Kip Lawton

1980 “The Private History of a Campaign That Failed” (TV) as "The Stranger".
(* EH's performance of Mark Twain's "War Prayer" is more than worth the price of admission.)
“Heal Thyself” (MASH episode) as Capt. Steven J. Newsome

1981 “Dear Liar” (TV) as George Bernard Shaw
“Reds” as Max Eastman
“Harry’s War” as Harry Johnson
“The Electric Grandmother” as Henry

1982 “A Little Sex” as Tommy Donovan
“Annie” as FDR
“Death Valley” as Paul Stanton
“St. Elsewhere” as Father Joseph McCabe

1983 “Memorial Day” (TV) as Ned Larwin

1984 “Mrs. Soffel” as Peter Soffel
“Concealed Enemies” as Alger Hiss

1985 “Purple Rose of Cairo” as Henry Adams
“The Man with One Red Shoe” as Brown
“Compromising Positions” as Bob Singer

1986 “Murrow” (TV) as Fred Friendly

1987 “Overboard” as Grant Stayton III
“The Lost Boys” as Max

1988 “Big Business” as Graham Sherbourne
“The Lawrenceville Stories” as Headmaster

1990 “So Proudly We Hail” (TV) as James Wagner

1991 “Sweet Poison” (TV) as Henry Odel
“Fire in the Dark” (TV) as Robert

1992 “Accidental Hero” uncredited

1993 “A Foreign Field” as Ralph
“My Boyfriend’s Back” as Mr. Dingle
“Born Yesterday” as Ed Devery

1994 “Foreign Student”
“Don’t Drink the Water” as Mr. Kilroy
“Richie Rich” as Richard Rich

1995 “Here Come the Munsters” (TV) Herman Munster
“Nixon” as Nelson Rockefeller
“The Face on the Milk Carton” (TV) as Frank Jessmon
“Progeny” (“Law and Order episode“) as Drew Seeley
"So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong" (“Wings” episode) as Y.M. Burg

1996 “Soul of the Game” (TV) Branch Rickey
“Pandora’s Clock” (aka “Doomsday Virus”) as the President
“What Love Sees” (TV) as Morton Treadway
“A Season in Purgatory” (TV mini-series) as Dr. Shugrue

1997 “Oz” (TV) as Harrison Beecher (2000-present)
“Critical Care” as Robert Payne
“Liberty! The American Revolution” (TV miniseries) Narrator
“The Fifties” (TV miniseries) Narrator
“The Practice” recurring guest role as Anderson Pearson
"M.E., Myself and I" (“Homicide Episode”) as Thomas Pandolfi

1998 “Frank Lloyd Wright” (TV) Narrator
“Saint Maybe” (TV) as Doug Bedloe
“A Civil Action” uncredited
“Better Living” as Jack
“The Practice” recurring guest role as Anderson Pearson

1999 “Atomic Train” (TV) as the President
“Vendetta” as D.A. Luzenberg
“Niagara: A History of the Falls” (TV) Narrator
“Korean War: Fire and Ice” (TV miniseries) Narrator
“Empire” (“Law and Order Episode”) as Mosbeck
“The Practice” recurring guest role as Anderson Pearson

2000 “The Gilmore Girls” (TV series) as Richard Gilmore
“Walking Across Egypt” as Rev. Vernon
“Double Take” as Charles Allsworth

2001 “Down” as Milligan
“The Cat's Meow" as William Randolph Hearst
"The Face: Jesus in Art" (TV) Narrator
“James Dean” as Raymond Massey

2002 "The Palace Thief"

From the soon-to-be-released movie Down: “Ed plays the Millennium Building’s manager, Mr. Milligan, whose main objective is to maintain a steady influx of tourists at any cost. His character is not one given to stress, but after three strange elevator-related accidents...even he can’t hide the perspiration. The early tension during production was shattered the moment Ed Herrmann arrived on set. His blasé and humorous manner was infectious and the crew quickly relaxed, which is evident in the scenes in which he performs.”

On Broadway, Herrmann won a Tony Award for "Mrs. Warren's Profession" and was nominated for "The Philadelphia Story." He's also starred in "Life Sentences" at New York's Second Stage Theatre, "The Three Sisters" at the McCarter Theatre, "Love Letters" at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, and in London, "A Walk in the Woods" and "Tom and Viv." Herrmann also starred in the original production of Neil Simon's "The Dinner Party" at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles (photo left).

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