Historic cookbooks 1800-Civil War

Domestic Cookery by Elizabeth Ellicott Lea. Old pins attach clippings in the 1846 edition which also has additional recipes written throughout the book. The closed book is the 1851 edition. Her book, first published in 1845, was enlarged in the next two editions, and continued to be reprinted for 25 years. The recipes include Quaker, Pa. Dutch, Maryland, Philadelphian and Creole dishes. Elizabeth Ellicott was born to wealthy Quaker parents in Ellicott Mills [Ellicott City], Maryland in 1793 and lived in Brandywine Village [Wilmington DE] after her marriage to Thomas Lea. Eleven years later they moved to Sandy Springs, Maryland, where she died in 1858.


Glasse, Hannah. The Complete Confectioner... London: 1800
Mollard, John. The Art of Cookery. London: 1802 2nd
Carter, Susannah. The Frugal Housewife: Or, Complete Woman Cook. New York: 1803
Hudson, Mrs. The New Practice of Cookery, Pastry, Baking, and Preserving. Edinburgh: 1804
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in Cookery. York: 1804
Smith, Thomas. The Wonders of Nature and Art. London: 1804
Edlin, Abraham. A Treatise on the Art of Bread-making. London: 1805
Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery made plain and easy. Alexandria, Va.: 1805
Henderson, William Augustus. The Housekeeper's Instructor, 12th ed London: 1805
Collingwood, Francis. The Universal Cook: And City and Country Housekeeper. London: 1806
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in Modern Cookery... with a medical commetary. York: 1806 3d
Simpson, John. A Complete System of Cookery. London: 1806
Viard, A. Le cuisinier imperial. Paris: 1806
Ashburn, Addison. The Family Director. Coventry: 1807
Nutt, Frederick. The Complete Confectioner ... London: 1807
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System Of Domestic Cookery. Boston: 1807
Emerson, Lucy. The New-England Cookery, Montpelier: 1808
MacDonald, Duncon. The New London Family Cook. London: 1808
Mollard, John. The Art of Cookery made easy and refined. 4th London: 1808
Raffald, Elizabeth. The experienced English house-keeper, consisting of near 800 original receipts. London: 1808
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery. London: 1808. new
Henderson, William Augustus. The Housekeeper's Instructor. London: 1809
Nutt, Frederick. The Imperial and Royal Cook. London: 1809


Davies John. Innkeeper and Butler’s Guide. Leeds: 1810
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in modern cookery. new ed.York: 1810
New Family Receipt Book. London: 1810
Pybus, William. A manual of useful knowledge. Hull: 1810
Appert, Nicolas. The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years. London. 1811
The Family Receipt Book... eight hundred valuable receipts. 2d Am ed. Pittsburgh: 1811
Farley, John. The London Art of Cookery. London: 1811
Clermont, B. The Professed Cook...French...English London: 1812 10th ed. Menon
The New family receipt-book. London: 1811
Stewart, John. The Young Woman's Companion. Manchester: 1813
Carnell, Philip. A treatise on family wine making. London: 1814
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery... throughout the US New York: 1814
Menon. La Cuisiniere Bourgeoise. Paris: 1815
Stewart, J. A. The young woman's companion. Oxford: 1815 3d
Plumptre, James. The Experienced Butcher. London: 1816
Ude, Louis. The French Cook. London: 1815 3d
Simpson, John. A Complete System of Cookery. London: 1816
Kitchiner, William. Apicius Redivivus: or, The Cook's Oracle. London: 1817
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery. New York: 1817
Homespun, Priscilla. The Universal Receipt Book. Phila: 1818 2d
Raffald, Elizabeth. The Experienced English Housekeeper. Phila: 1818
Hammond, Elizabeth. Modern domestic cookery, and useful receipt book: containing directions for purchasing, London: 1819 3d
The new family receipt book: containing eight hundred. London: 1819
Nutt, Frederick. The Complete Confectioner. London: 1819
Rees’ Cyclopaedia. 1819
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. The Family Receipt Book. Pittsburgh: 1819. 2d Am. ed
Sylvester, Charles. The Philosophy of Domestic Economy: As Exemplified in the Mode of Warming, Ventilating, Washing. Nottingham: 1819


Accum, FC, A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons. 1820.
Fessenden, Thomas. The Husbandman and Housewife. Bellows Falls: 1820
Frazer. Mrs. The practice of cookery, pastry, confectionary. Edinburgh: 1820 7th [1791]
Accum, Friedrich. Culinary Chemistry. London: 1821
Murray, John. New Family Receipt-Book. London: 1820
Bingley, William. Useful Knowledge. London: 1821 3d
Plain Directions on Domestic Economy. by the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism in the City of NY. NY: 1821
Careme, Marie Antonin. Le maitre d'hotel français: ... ouvrage contenant un traité des ..., Volume 1 1822
Careme, Marie Antonin. Le maitre d'hotel français: ... ouvrage contenant un traité des ..., Volume 2 1822
Carter, Susannah. The Frugal Housewife. Addi plates. London: 1822
Cobbett, William. Cottage Economy. London: 1822
The Housewife's guide… middle class. Belfast: 1822
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Boston: 1822 an appendix by American pubs, marketing tables...
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. London: 1822 4th ed. new receipts
Practical Economy. London: 1822 2d
Eaton, Mary. The cook and housekeeper's complete and universal dictionary. 1823
Radcliffe, M. A Modern System of Domestic Cookery. Manchester: 1823
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. American Domestic Cookery. New York: 1823
Cooke, John. Cookery and Confectionary. London: 1824
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery. London: 1824 new ed corrected
Willis, Michael. Cookery made easy. London: 1831 1824
Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme. The Physiology of Taste. Physiologie du goût. Paris: 1825
French domestic cookery by an English physician. Glossary..1825
MacKenzie, Colin. Five Thousand Receipts. Phila: 1825
Putnam, Henry. Touches on agriculture… recipes… apples. 2d enlarged. Salem, MA: 1825
Dods, Margaret. The Cook and housewife's manual. Edinburgh: 1826
The Housekeeper's magazine, and family economist. London: 1826
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery. London: 1826
Vintner. The Vintner's, Brewer's, spirit merchant's... London: 1826
Beauvilliers, Antoine. The Art of French Cookery. London: 1827 3d
Domestic Economy, and Cookery, for rich and poor, by a lady, London: 1827
Jarrin, William. The Italian Confectioner. London: 1827 3d
The New London Cookery and Complete Domestic Guide. By a Lady. [Charts by month] London: 1827
Oxford night caps, a collection of receipts for making various beverages. London: 1827
Roberts, Robert. The House Servant's Directory. New York: 1827
Cobbett, William. Cottage Economy. New Edition. London: 1828
Henderson, William. Modern Domestic Cookery. New York: 1828
Houlston's Housekeeper's assistant; or, Complete family cook. Wellington (London): 1828
Johnstone, Christian. The Cook and Housewife's Manual... by Margaret Dods. Edinburgh: 1828 3d
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. (1st ed. no appendix; handwritten recipes) Boston: 1828
A new system of practical domestic economy. Revised ed London: 1828
Roberts, Robert. The House Servant's Directory. Boston: 1828 2d ed
Steveley, W. The new whole art of confectionary. 5th Nottingham: 1828
White, John. A Treatise on the Art of Baking. Edinburgh: 1828
The Home Book. London: 1829
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. London: 1829
Parkes, Mrs. William. Domestic Duties…Young Married Ladies… 3d Am from 3d London. NY: 1829
Secundus, Dick. Apician Morsels; or, Tales of the table, kitchen and larder. London: 1829
Ude, Louis. The French Cook. London: 1829


Brande, W. The town and country brewery book. London: 1830
Child, Lydia Maria Francis. The Frugal Housewife. Boston: 1830
Copley, Esther Hewlett. Cottage Comforts. London: 1830 7th
Dalgairns, Mrs. [Catherine]. The Practice of Cookery. 3d ed Edinburgh: 1830
A Description and History of Vegetable Substances, Used in the Arts, and in Domestic Economy, timber trees, fruits. London: 1830
Dolby, Richard. The Cook's Dictionary and House-keeper's Directory. London: 1830
Donovan, Michael. Domestic Economy. Vol. 1. London: 1830
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. New York: 1830
Caldwell, Maggie. Maggie Caldwell's cookbook, a Quaker lady 1800-1860
Barnum, H.L. Family Receipts: or Practical guide for the husbandman and housewife. Cincinnati: 1831
The Cook Not Mad, or, Rational Cookery. Watertown: 1831
MacKenzie, Colin. Five Thousand Receipts. …new American from latest London… Phila: 1831
A New Collection of Genuine Receipts: For the Preparation and Execution of Curious Arts. Boston: 1831
The servant's guide and family manual. 2d London: 1831
Willis, Michael. Cheap, nice, and nourishing cookery : or, how working people may live well… London: c1841, 1831
Child, Lydia Maria Francis. The American Frugal Housewife. 12th ed enlarged 1832
Barnum, H. L. The Farmer's own book; or, Family receipts for the husbandman ... Boston: 1832
Complete Grocer… for distilling… NY: 1832
Lee, N.K.M. The Cook's Own Book. Boston: 1832
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five Receipts for pastry cakes, and sweetmeats...(appendix of 25; same as 1830) Philadelphia: 1832
Mathews, John. Book of Directions for Carbonated Beverages. NY: 1832
Cobbett, William. Cottage Economy. New York: 1833
Dolby, Richard. The Cook’s Dictionary. New ed. revised 1833
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery. London: 1833
Careme, Marie Antonin. The Royal Parisian pastrycook and confectioner. London: 1834
Copley, Esther Hewlett. Cottage Comforts. London: 1834 12th
Simpson, John. Simpson’s Cookery, improved and modernized. London: 1834
Black, William. A practical treatise on brewing... 40 years experience. London: 1835
Blunt, G.W. Merchant and Seaman's Expeditious Measurer. New York: 1835
Roberts, W. H. The British wine-maker...brewing. Edinburgh: 1835
Nicholson, Asenath, Nature’s own book. New York: W. S. (1832)2d ed 1835 (Graham; vegetarian)
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Edinburgh: 1836 new ed
Leslie, Eliza. Domestic French Cookery. Phila: 1836
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. (9th ed. 40 additional) Boston: 1836
Mollard, John. The Art of Cookery. London: 1836 new ed.
The Magazine of Domestic Economy, Vol 1-5 London: 1836-1840
Roberts, I. The Young Cook's Guide... of French and English Cookery. London: 1836
Beauvilliers, Antoine. A Complete System of French Domestic Cookery. London: 1837 4th ed
Child, Lydia Maria Francis. The family nurse, or, Companion of the frugal housewife. London: 1837
Graham, Sylvester. Treatise on bread, and bread-making. Boston: 1837
Green, Francis. The Housekeeper's Book. Phila: 1837
Holland, Mary. The Complete Economical Cook. 14th ed enlarged. London: 1837
Huish, Robert. The female's friend, and general domestic adviser. London: 1837
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. The new family receipt book. London: 1837
Alcott, William The Young house-keeper. Boston: 1838 3d
Copley, Esther. The Housekeeper's Guide. London: 1838
Gilman, Caroline. The Lady’s Annual Register. Boston: 1838
Randolph, Mary. The Virginia Housewife, Or, Methodical Cook, Baltimore: 1838
Bryan, Lettice. The Kentucky Housewife. Cincinnati: 1839
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. The Good Housekeeper. Boston: 1839


Dalgairns, Mrs. [Catherine]. The Practice of Cookery. 14th ed, enlarged. London: 1840 (1830)
Defoe, Daniel. Family Instructor. New York: 1840
La cuisinière canadienne. Montréal: 1840
Leslie, Eliza. Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches. Philadelphia: 1840
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery: With the Addition of Many New Receipts. London: 1840
Masters, P. The Young Cook's Assistant. London: 1841
Roberts, I. The young cook's guide. London: 1841
Gibbons, Merle. The domestic dictionary and housekeeper's manual. London: 1842
Lombez. Nouvelle cuisiniere bourgeoise Paris: 1842
Roger, P.P. Domestic Economy. Boston: 1842
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery... Many New Receipts. London: 1842
Cremer, John. The housekeeper's guide to the fish-market for each month of the year. London: 1843
Ellis, Sarah. Mrs. Ellis's Housekeeping Made Easy. NY: 1843
Pereira, Jonathan. A treatise on food and diet. New York: 1843
Bernardi, T. Le glacier royal, ou, L'art de donner des bals et soirees. Paris: 1844
Bury, Charlotte. The Lady's Own Cookery Book. London: 1844 3d
The United States Practical Receipt Book: Or, Complete Book of Reference, for the Manufacturer. Phila: 1844
Webster, A. L. The Improved Housewife. Hartford: 1844 2d rev
Acton, Eliza. Modern Cookery, in all its branches. London: 1845 2d
Acton, Eliza. Modern Cookery. Revised by Sarah Hale. Phila.: 1845
Allen, Ann. The Housekeeper's Assistant, Boston: 1845
Allen, Ann. The Orphan's Friend and Housekeeper's Assistant. London: 1845
Bregion, Joseph. The Practical Cook, English and Foreign. London: 1845
Crowen, T. J. Every lady's book. NY: 1845
Hale, Sarah. Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery. Phila.: 1845
Howland, Esther Allen. The New England Economical Housekeeper, and Family Receipt Book. Cincinnati: 1845.
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Edinburgh: 1845
Winsnes, Hanna. Laerebog I de forskjellige… Norway: 1845
Alcott, William Andrus. The Young House-Keeper: or, Thoughts on Food and Cookery, Boston: 1846
Audot, Louis. French Domestic Cookery - La cuisiniere de la campagne... London, 1846
Cooley, Arnold. A Cyclopædia of Several Thousand Practical Reciepts. NY: 1846
Den kongelige Middag. The Royal Dinner. Sarpsborg: 1846 (said he was chef to King Carl XIV, but was apprentice in Queen’s kitchen)
Francatelli, Charles Elme. The Modern Cook. London: 1846
Montefiore, Judith Cohen. The Jewish Manual.London: 1846
Dod, Margaret. The Cook's and Housewife's Manual. 8th revised ed. Edinburgh: 1847
Leslie, Eliza. The Lady's Receipt-Book: A Useful Companion For Large Or Small Families. Philadelphia: 1847
Lewis, Henry L. B. New and cheap art of bread-making: the rich man's guide, the poor man's friend...unfermented bread. New York: 1847
Rutledge, Sarah. The Carolina Housewife or House and Home: by a Lady of Charleston. Charleston: 1847
Soyer, Alexis. The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery. London: 1847 4th ed
Timbs, John. Manual of Domestic Economy. London: 1847
Webster, A. L. The Improved Housewife. Hartford: 1847 9th rev
Abell, Mrs. L. G. Skilful housewife's manual: a book of domestic cookery, compiled from the best authors. Montreal: 1848
Campbell, Tunis. Hotel Keepers, Head Waiters, and Housekeepers' Guide. Boston: 1848.


Beecher, Catharine Esther. Miss Beecher's Domestic Receipt Book. New York: 1850
Bliss. Practical Cook Book. Phila: 1850
C.E.D. La petite cuisinière; or, A selection of directions for the young housekeeper. London: 1850
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's Lady's House-book; a Manual of Domestic Economy. Phila: 1850
Masters, Thomas. A Short treatise… inventions… ice…soda water, lemonade… London: 1850
Thrane, Josephine. manuscript cookbook c1850. Riksarkivet/National Archives
Alcott, William A. The young mother, or, Management of children in regard to health. Boston:1851.
The American Matron: or, Practical and Scientific Cookery. Boston: 1851
Catherine, Mademoiselle. Manuel complet de la cuisiniere bourgeoise. Paris: 1851 23 ed
Fuller, William. A manual: containing original recipes for preparing ices. London: 1851
Murray's modern cookery book. Modern domestic cookery, by a lady London 1851
Soyer, Alexis. The Modern Housewife: Or, Ménagère. Comprising Nearly One Thousand Receipts, for the Economic. London: 1851
Webster, A. L. The Improved Housewife. 1851
Antisell, Thomas. Hand-book of the Useful Arts. NY 1852
Bishop, Frederick. The Illustrated London Cookery Book. London: 1852
Careful, Martha. Household hints to young housewives. London: 1852 2d
Clutterbuck, Lady Maria (Catherine Dickens, Mrs. Charles). What shall we have for dinner? Bills of Fare London: 1852
Francatelli, Elme Charles. A Plain cookery book for the working classes. London: 1852
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. The Ladies' New Book Of Cookery. New York: 1852
Storke, Elliot G. Domestic and rural affairs, 1852
Branston, Thomas. The druggist's hand-book of practical receipts. Liverpool: 1853
Crawford, Frances. French cookery adapted for English families. London: 1853
Crawford, Frances. French confectionary adapted for English families. London: 1853
Philp, Robert. The Shopkeeper's Guide. London: 1853
Ure, Andrew. A dictionary of arts, manufactures, and mines... 1853
Cooley, Arnold. A Cyclopaedia of Six Thousand Practical Receipts. NY: 1854
Hale, Sarah Josepha. Modern household cookery. London: 1854
Hale, Sarah Josepha. The new household receipt-book. London: 1854
Hughes, William. A practical treatise on the choice and cookery of fish. London: 1854 2d
Leslie, Eliza. New Receipts for Cooking. Phila: 1854
MacKenzie, Colin. Mackenzie's Five Thousand Receipts. Phila: 1854
Read, George. The complete biscuit and gingerbread baker's assistant . London: 1854
Soyer, Alexis. A shilling cookery for the people. London: 1854
Love, Thomas. The art of cleaning, dyeing, scouring, and finishing, on the most approved English and French.. London: 1855
Plain talk and friendly advice to domestics; with counsel on home matters.... 1855
Reid, Hartelaw. Cookery, rational, practical and economical, treated in connexion with the chemistry of food. London: 1855 2d
Cookery as it Should be. [became Mrs. Goodfellow's Cookery as it should be] Phila: 1856 3d revised ed.
Crowen, T. J. Every Lady's Cook Book. new & improved. NY: 1856
Nicholson, Elizabeth. What I Know; Or, Hints ... housekeeper. Phila: 1856
Parton, James. The Humorous Poetry of the English Language. NY: 1856 p459-
Peterson, Hannah. The national cook book. Phila: 1856 9th ed
Walsh, John. A Manual of Domestic Economy. London: 1856
Widdifield, Hannah. Widdifield's New Cook Book. Phila: 1856
Acton, Eliza. The English Bread-book for domestic use. London: 1857
Collins, Anna Maria. The Great Western Cook Book, Or Table Receipts, Adapted to Western Housewifery. New York: 1857
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries. The Practical Housekeeper. New York: 1857
Hale, Sarah. Mrs. Hale's New Cook Book. Phila: 1857
Hale, Sarah. Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the million. Phila: 1857
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book. Phila: 1857
Winsnes, Hanna. For fattige Husmødre (For Poor Housewives). Christiania, Norway: 1857
Acton, Eliza. Modern Cookery. Revised by Sarah Hale. Phila.: 1858
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's Complete Cookery. Directions for Cookery. Phila: 1858
Philp, Robert. The Corner cupboard. London: 1858
Bernhard, William. The Book of One Hundred Beverages: For Family Use. NY: 1859
Hill, Georgiana. The gourmet's guide to rabbit cooking. London: 1859
Housekeeper’s Manual of Cookery and Domestic Economy. London: 1859
Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. Mrs. Rundell's Domestic cookery. London: 1859 rev ed with additions
Timbs, John. Hints for the table: or, The economy of good living. London: 1859


Andrews, Julia. Breakfast, dinner, and tea: viewed classically, poetically, and practically. NY: 1860
Bradley, J.S. Mrs. Bradley's housekeeper's guide. Cincinnati: 1860
Chase, A.W. Dr. Chase's Recipes. Ann Arbor: 1860
Edgeworth, Mary L. Mrs. The southern gardener and receipt book. Philadelphia:  1860.
Hall, Elizabeth. Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy. NY: 1860
Hand book of practical receipts, or Useful hints in every day life. NY: 1860
Meteyard, Eliza. Mainstone's Housekeeper. London: 1860
Randolph, Mary. The Virginia Housewife, Or, Methodical Cook, 1860
Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy. NY: 1860
Riddell, R. Indian Domestic Economy and Receipt Book. Madras: 1860
Marquart, John. 600 miscellaneous valuable receipts, worth their weight in gold. Lebanon, PA: 1860
Smith, John. The principles and practice of vegetarian cookery. London: 1860
Beeton, Isabella. The Book of Household Management... 1861
Brinton, William, On food and its digestion: being an introduction to dietetics. London : 1861.
Buist, Robert. The family kitchen gardener. New York: 1861
Hartigan, Ellen. Every-day things; or, Useful knowledge. 2d revised. London: 1861
Haskell, E. F. The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia of Useful Information. NY: 1861
Horsford, Eben Norton. Theory and art of bread-making : a new process without the use of ferment. Cambridge: 1861
Hoskins, Thomas H. What we eat: an account of the most common adulterations of food and drink. Boston:1861.
Mann, Mrs. Horace. Christianity in the Kitchen: A Physiological Cook Book. Boston: 1861
Philp, Robert. The Dictionary of daily wants. London: 1861
Philp, Robert. The Family save-all, a system of secondary cookery. London: 1861
The What-not; or Ladies' handy-book London: 1861
Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets; 500 Useful Receipts. Toronto: 1861
Cookery and domestic economy for young housewives. 2d London: 1862
Dinners and dinner-parties by G.V. London: 1862
Dods, Margaret. The cook and housewife's manual. 11th ed. Edinburgh: 1862 (8th 1847)
Hill, Georgiana. Foreign Desserts. London: 1862
Mendall, PH. The New Bedford practical receipt book. New Bedford, Mass: 1862
Putnam, E. A primary cook book: for new beginners in housekeeping Boston: 1862
Somerville, Mary. Cookery and domestic economy. Glasgow: 1862
Thomas, Jerry. How to mix drinks: or, The bon-vivant's companion. NY: 1862
Williamson, I. The practice of cookery and pastry. Edinburgh: 1862
Beeton, Isabella. The Book of Household Management. London: 1863
Blot, Pierre. What to eat, and how to cook it: containing over one thousand receipts NY: 1863
Confederate Receipt Book. A Compilation of over One Hundred Receipts, Adapted to the Times. Richmond: 1863
Hutton, Barbara. Monday morning, how to get through it. London: 1863
Loftus, William. The Brewer: a Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing. London: 1863.
Acton, Eliza. Modern Cookery. London: 1864 Revised and much enlarged
The American home cook book: with several hundred excellent recipes NY: 1864
The art and mystery of curing, preserving, and potting all kinds of meats. London: 1864
Chase, A.W. Dr. Chase's Recipes. 1864
Crowen, Mrs. T. J. The American System of Cookery. NY: 1864
Cookery for English households, by a French lady. London: 1864
Cre-fydd Family Fare. The Young Housewife's Daily Assistant. London: 1864
The gentlewoman; by the author of 'Dinners and dinner parties'. London: 1864
Kirwan, Andrew. Host and guest: a book about dinners, wines, and desserts. (history, essays) London: 1864
Knight, SG. Tit-bits: or, How to prepare a nice dish at a moderate expense. Boston: 1864
Parkinson, Eleanor. The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook And Baker. Philadelphia: 1864
Robinson, HM. The practical cook book. NY: 1864
Sanderson, J.M. The Complete Cook. Philadelphia: 1864
Weatherley, Henry. A Treatise on the Art of Boiling Sugar, Crystallizing, Lozenge-Making, Comfits, Gum Goods, and Other Processes For Confectionery. Phila: 1864
The Art of Confectionery… from NY, Phila and Boston confectioners. Boston: 1865
Beeton, Isabella. Mrs. Beeton's Dictionary of every-day cookery. London: 1865
Efendi, Turabi. Turkish cookery book, a collection of receipts. London: 1865
Hill, Georgiana. The Breakfast Book. London: 1865
Hill, Georgiana. How to Cook Apples. London: 1865
Mathews, John. Directions for Using Matthews' Machines for Making Soda Water, NY: 1865
Nicholson, Elizabeth. The home manual, or, The economical cook and house-book. 5th, enlarged, Phila: 1865
Philp, Robert. Enquire within upon everything. London: 1865
Robinson, Solon. Facts for farmers; also for the family circle. New York: 1865
What to do with the cold mutton…other…gentleman of moderate income. NY: 1865

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