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I do not claim to be a great poet, but if I can stir up a emotion from within,then I have done my job well.
The page takes a bit too load but all the layered backs are so nice.
I want to thank the many people who say such nice things about my poetry. I have not been writng for long but I owe a debt of gratitude to a nice young man who without his encourgement I would not be writing as I do today. He writes some awesome Poetry

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This is my old web site. unfortunately my host server 250free went belly up and left alot oof costumers in the lurch.. I will be trying to update and get my site back up without all the ads.. .. Most of the writings on here were written at least ten years ago, and do not dipict my life now.. My life is happy and full and very blessed which I owe it all to the Lord, my church and church family.. and my granddaughters .... Maggie aka ElusiveLove

These poems written from the heart and soul of Elusive Love

Words written on paper
Of hurts from long ago
Showing pain from a heart crying out
Nothing is heard but silence from deaf ears
Unseeing eyes cannot see the shedding of sad burning tears
Past,Present or Future
Will there ever be anyone who really cares
About words written on withered yellow old paper..
ElusiveLove May 5, 2000

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Elusive Love

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