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Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

SASSY (Reva Schick) [041698]
Picture Day (newborn)
Pouty Paws (newborn)

No Photo Yet!
SLEEPY HEAD (Reva Schick) [041603]
Baby Amber (preemie full)
Baby Ariana
Baby Bethlyn
Baby Caroline
Baby Ellie (dark skin)
Baby Kathryn (light skin)

SMALL WONDER (Reva Schick) [040797]
American Beauty
American Beauty 8"
Bath Time (infant body)
By Gone Days girl
Cinderella (Classic Miniature)
Club Keepsake Angel (D) 2003
Club Keepsake Angel (L) 2003
Courage (Little League)
Daisy T lavender eyes
Dolly & Me
Forever Friends (girl)
Freckles (first with freckles)
Give Me A Hug (Gimme A Hug)
Grandmother's Dream
Growing Up
I Love Snow
I'm A Little Angel
I'm So Special
In The Pink
Italian Girl 1900 (Faces of America)
July (full toddler)
Junior Bridesmaid
Keepsake Memories (24" toddler)
Lambie Pie
Let's Play
Little Ballerina (pink)
Little Bo Peep (Classic Miniature)
Little Chickadee
Little Mommy
Little Peanut
Little Sunbeam
Little Violet (light skin)
Little Violet (medium skin)
Look What I Found
Lovin' Gingerbread Girl
Mommy's Good Girl
MOB:  Happy Bear (Toys R Us)
MOB:  New Beginnings (Spiegel Exclusive)
MOB:  Small Wonder Giraffe Blue
MOB:  Small Wonder Toddler
Pajama Party (light skin)
Pastel Print NB  Dark blonde hair - green eyes
Pink & Playful
Play Date (full SL toddler)
Precious in His Sight  (Caucasian)
Precious in His Sight 8" (Caucasian)
Pretty As A Picture
Ray of Sunshine
Ready To Play
Roses, Laces & Love
She'll Steal Your heart (light skin)
She'll Steal Your heart (medium skin)
Small Wonder Play Baby Toddler
Small Wonder (Porcelain) [J.C. Penney]
Special Delivery
Spring in Bloom Springtime Beauty
Summer Angel (Seasons of Angels)
Summer Angel 8" (Season of Angels)
Summer Morning
Sweet Pea
Wish Upon A Star
Yesterday's Dream (boy & girl)

SMALL WONDER PLAY BABY [090798 CM] [011400 OM]                                    
17" Loving Sister (Afrian American)
17" Loving Sister (Caucasian)
My Little Brother (2004 Club gift)
MOB:  Happy Bear (Toys R Us)
MOB:  New Beginnings (Spiegel Exclusive)
MOB:  Small Wonder Giraffe Blue
Reagan (19" Playbaby)
Reagan (19" Playbaby)
Some Day I'll . . . Create SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Dance SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Dance (Ethnic) SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Fly SW Playbaby
Small Wonder Play Baby

SUGAR (Eva Helland)  [031803]
Alice in Wonderland
Here Comes Trouble (Child light skin)
Here Comes Trouble (Child medium skin)

SUGAR & SPICE (Reva Schick) [060503]
Alexandra (child)
Daisy Chain 26"

SWEET BABY (Reva Schick) [050897]
August  (Birthstone Babies)      
Be My Baby
Budding Beauty
Bunny Hop
Character (Little League)
Chloe (EE)
Evening Stroll (newborn)
Flower Girl (Wedding Party)
Fun At The Zoo
Gentle Touch Baby (Pampers)
Germany (Children of the World)
Germany (Classic Miniature)
Junior Executive
Little Sweetie
Love & Prayers (Club Doll)
March Wind (full infant)
Ready For Bed
Robin Hood
Robin Hood (Classic Miniature)
Snuggle Time (21" infant)
Someone to Care For Pink (Blond)
Sunday Stroll (infant body)
Sweet Baby Softness (Ames Exclusive)
Sweet Flower
True Pals
White Tiger

SWEET CHEEKS (Reva Schick) [060197]
Apple Dumpling
Autumn Angel (Season of Angels)
Autumn Angel (TJ Maxx with painted lashes)
Baa - Baa Pink
Baby Blue
Baby Sister
Bedtime Pals (Infant light skin)
Bedtime Pals (Infant medium skin)
By The Sea (newborn - light skin)
By The Sea (newborn - medium skin)
Can I hold her? (dark skin newborn)
Can I hold her? (light skin newborn)
Cherry Blossom
Cuddly Critters Girl (newborn)
December (Birthstone Babies)
Duck (Farmer in the Dell)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Kathryn Melora)
Fine & Frilly
Forever Yours (NALED)
Frilly & Fancy
From The Heart
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Gingham & Daisies
Heirloom Treasure
I Love Violets
Just So Sweet
Little Rose
Love In Bloom
Lovin' Stuff
Oops A Daisy
Playtime (boy)
Playtime (girl)
Puppy Love
Sitting Pretty
Snips & Snails
Snow Angel (Spring Angel outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Spring Bouquet (yellow)
Sugar & Spice
Timeless Beauty

SWEET DREAMS (Reva Schick) [051603]
Baby Jillian
Baby Kaitlyn
Baby Marie
Baby Michael
Baby Nathan

SWEET HOPE (Reva Schick) [100801]
My Big Sister (2004 Club doll)
Out 'N 'Bout (newborn)

SWEET LIPS (Reva Schick) [031799]
Amethyst & Pearls (full SL toddler)
Balloons & Bears
Daisy Time
Dolly & Me 8" Club trunk doll (Club Gift Doll 2002)
Hannah (Elegant Edition)
Hannah 8" (Elegant Edition) 
Happy Birthday Teddy
Happy Birthday Teddy 9" (Classic Miniatures)
I Love America (boy)
India (Children of the World)
India 8" (Children of the World)
Irish Child 1890 (Faces of America)
Irish Child (Classic Miniatures)
Lillian (Elegant Edition)
Little Sisters - Kristyn
Little Sisters - Sarah
Little Treasure
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Af Am)
Loving Sisters 19" Af  Am
Loving Sisters 19" Cauc
Miss Butterfly 26"
Nature Lover
October (Birthstone Babies)
Pampers Kids African American
Pampers Kids Caucasian
Party Girl
Peaches and Cream (Collectors Choice)
Peek a Boo
Precious In Pink
Princess Diamond (Elegant Edition)
Princess Diamond (Classic Miniature)
Rapunzel 26"
Rapunzel (Classic Miniature)
Ribbons & Lace
Russia (Children of the World)
Russia (Classic Miniature)
Simply Lovely
Softness (Ames Exclusive)
Special Occasion
Sweet & Sassy (straight legs)
Sweet Sunday Morning
Sweet Violets (straight leg full toddler)
Summer Sweetheart (full SL toddler)
Tea Time
Tessa (Elegant Edition)
Victorian Rose (straight legs)
Walrus (Tom Arma Series)
Winter Angel (Seasons of Angels)
Winter Angel (Classic Mini FAO Schwarz

SWEET MELODY (Eva Helland)  [123102]
Gentle (From The Heart - newborn)
Loyal (From The Heart - newborn)

SWEET MORNING (Reva Schick)  [021105] 
Blessings of Hope (newborn) [dark]
Blessings of Hope (newborn) [medium]

No Photo Yet!
SWEETNESS (Reva Schick) [111598]
(light skin)(medium skin)
Baby and Me (light) [2002 Club Doll]
Baby and Me (medium) [2002 Club Doll]
Pink Cloud (TJ Maxx no eyelashes in Junior Bridesmaid outfit)

SWEET PEA (Eva Helland) [101402]
First Snowfall

No Photo Yet!
Little Sparkler (newborn)

TINY DREAMER (Jane Pinkstaff) * [051704]
Baby Sophie

No Photo Yet!
TINY KISSES (Eva Helland) [010203]
Baby Bunny
Bunny Blue (newborn)
Lemon Drop
Little Cub (light newborn)
Little Cub (medium newborn)

TINY LOVE (Reva Schick) [080202]
Baby Amber (Full Preemie)
Baby Mollie
Pink Quartz (full preemie)

TINY TOT (Reva Shick)
Little Morgan (17" Playbaby)

TINY TREASURE (Reva Schick) [111104]
Baby David (full preemie)

TOOTHY FACE (Reva Schick) [100499]
Baby's First Tooth
Baby's First Tooth (African American)
Beach Party (toddler full straight legs)
Bunny (Tom Arma Series)
Holiday Wishes 26"
Jesus Loves Me (dark)
Jesus Loves Me (light)
I Love Cape May girl (Oma's Dolls Cape May, NJ Store Special)
Little Artist
Little Kitten
Little Kitten (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Posies and Pearls (straight leg full toddler)
Princess Pearl (Elegant Edition)  
Puppy Fun (TJ Maxx no lashes in doggie dress)
Purrfect Pair
Spring Smiles

Petal Soft (21" newborn)


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