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Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

No Picture at this time!
INNOCENT (Linda Henry) [081600]
Brave (newborn)
Caring (From The Heart – newborn)
Home Tweet Home
Special Gift
Sweet (From The Heart – newborn)
Teddy Bear Tales
Teddy Bear Tales (TJ Maxx painted lashes)

ITTY BITTY (Reva Schick) [123004]
Baby Mei Mei (preemie)
Baby Blossom (full preemie)[Breath of Life]

No picture at this time.
JOEY (Lee Middleton) [083188]
Go Bye Bye

JOYFUL GIFT (Reva Schick) [010801]
Beary Best Friends (toddler)
Golden Buttercup (full toddler) [light]
Golden Buttercup (full toddler) [medium]
Mongolia (newborn)

JUST BORN (Lorna Miller) [020502]
Snuggle With Me (dark skin)

LI'L CHARMER (Reva Schick)  [021800]
Apple Blossom (toddler)

LI'L DARLIN (Reva Schick)  [021800]
Apple Blossom (toddler)
Baby Hugs
Country Charm
Curls & Twirls (light)
Curls & Twirls (medium)
Factory Store Special (my Lucy Angelica)
I’m So Pretty
Jewels and Lace (21” newborn)
Little Fraulein (full SL toddler)
Rachael’s Rabbit (straight leg medium skin)
Summer Dreams (Little Darlin face - infant body)
Susannah (Elegant Edition)
Sweet & Innocent (light skin)
Sweet & Innocent (medium skin)
Sweet Lilies

LI’L PEANUT (Reva Schick) [020501]
Animal Parade
For Love of Country (dark skin)
For Love of Country (light skin)
For Love of Country (medium skin)
Fun on the Slopes
Little Chilly (newborn)
Little Conductor
Little Posy (newborn)
Little Teddy (light skin)
Little Teddy (medium skin)
Messenger Angel: Gentleness
My Precious Panda (21” newborn)
Scotland (Children of the World)
Snow Monkey (Tom Arma Series)
Sweet as Honey
Treasured Memories (newborn)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE ANGEL (Lee Middleton) * [100979]
Wishfinders Little Angel

LITTLE BABY (Reva Schick)
Baby Addison (12” playbaby)
Baby Madison (12” playbaby)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE BLESSINGS (Lee Middleton) [120293]
Blessed Event OE
Bundle Up OE (boy and girl)
Bunny Love OE
Cuddle Up OE
Little Blessings OE
MOB: Little Blessings Awake Boy
MOB: Little Blessings Awake Girl
Newborn Twins CE & OE (boy & girl)
Pretty In Pink OE
Ships Ahoy OE

LITTLE CUTIE (Reva Schick)  [052305]
Look What I Did! (toddler soft arms)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE HUGS (Mavis Synder) [092099]
Fluffy (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in furry white kitty outfit)
I’m This Big
Irish Eyes
Li’l Snowball

No picture at this time.
LITTLE LOVE (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [071294]
ABC Look At Me
Baby’s First Book
Country Cozy
Cuddle Bumps
Daisies and Lace (Gingham & Daisies) [T.J. Maxx]
Little Big Guy
Lullaby (boy & girl)
MOB: Little Love Boy OE
MOB: Little Love Girl OE
Peek-A-Boo (boy & girl)
Romper Series Awake
Sleepy Time Boy
Such A Good Boy
Sweet And Petite (porcelain)
Sweet Baby Boy
Sweet Christening (Third Tribute Doll)
Touch of Velvet
Wee Willie Winkie

LITTLE ONE (Reva Schick) {African American} [072197]
Baby’s First Christmas
Bear Hugs (boy & girl)
Bunny Dreams
Cute As Can Bee
Homespun (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in At The Zoo outfit)
Kenya (Children of the World)
Little Ballerina green
Little Scottie Boy
Little Scottie Girl
I Wanna Play Basketball
MOB: Baby Bear (J. C. Penney Exclusive)
New Beginnings (My Own Baby Spiegel)
Pajama Party (dark skin)
Proud Heritage boy (burgundy outfit)
Proud Heritage girl (burgundy outfit)
Snow Baby
Snuggles (medium)
Soft & Innocent
Spring Bouquet (pink)
Stars & Stripes (dark skin)

LITTLE SPROUT (Eva Helland) [071801]
Alison (Elegant Edition)

No Photo Yet!
Daffy-Dill (2006 LM Convention Exclusive)

LITTLE SUNSHINE (Reva Schick) [051601]
Colors of Spring 26" (L'innocence)
Little Miss 26" (L'innocence)

LITTLE SWEETHEART (Reva Schick) {pacifier} [031998]
Angel Bear
Beary Precious
Bedtime Babies boy
Bedtime Babies girl
Best Friend Bear
Carousel Dreams (JC Penney)
First Recital (FAO Schwarz)
Flowers for Mommy (newborn)
I Love You
Isn’t It Fun?
Jaden (20” playbaby)
Let’s Go Sailing (light skin)
Let’s Go Sailing (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Little Snowflake (light skin)
Little Sweetheart Brown Bear [Treasured Child]
Little Sweetheart Pink Bear [Treasured Child]
Little Sweetheart Yellow Duck [Treasured Child]
My Sweet Baby (light skin)
Someone to Care For Green (Brunette)
So Sweet
This Little Piggy Boy
This Little Piggy Girl
Treasured Child Boy: LS Blue Jeans
Treasured Child Girl: LS Blue Pinafore
Treasured Child Girl: LS Pink Romper
Up, Up & Away
Victoria (Elegant Edition)

LITTLE TREASURE (Reva Schick) [071802]
Baby's First Prayer (2003 club doll dark)
Baby's First Prayer (2003 club doll light)
Fancy Pants
Grandma's Attic (newborn)
New England Morning (toddler)
Pretty Posies
She Loves Me (3/4 toddler)
She Loves Me (3/4 toddler - medium skin)
Store Edition Boy

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