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Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

MAMA'S ANGEL (Mavis Synder) {pacifier} [010301]
Loving (From The Heart - newborn)
Loving Heart
Tender (newborn)
Thoughful (From The Heart - newborn)

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MOLLY ROSE (Lee Middleton) * [050991]
Good Friend
Molly Rose (porcelain & vinyl)

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MOMMY'S DELIGHT (Reva Schick) [032999]
Gardening with Mommy light skin (newborn)
Gardening with Mommy dark skin (newborn)
Spring Morning (newborn)

MORNING LOVE (Jane Pinkstaff)
Playtime Bunny (21” newborn)

MOTHER'S JOY (Reva Schick) [033098]        
Alexis (Elegant Edition)
Alexis 8" (Elegant Edition)       
April (Birthstone Babies)
Being Sweet
Birthday Girl
B Is For Bear
Purr-ty Kitty (newborn) [light]
Purr-ty Kitty (newborn) [medium]
Bowling Team Mascot  (Classic Miniature)
Busy Bee
By Gone Days boy
Calico Cat, Gingham Dog
Dainty & Darling
Dainty & Sweet (Spiegel)
Daisy, Daisy
Doggone Cute (boy & girl)
Every Step of The Way (Pampers)
The Forties (The Way We Were)
Fun In The Sun
Hugs & Kisses
I Love You Beary Much
It Takes Two
Just Ducky
Keepsake Angel (dark skin) [2003 Club Gift]
Keepsake Angel (light skin) [2003 Club Gift]
Let It Snow
Little Pilot
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood (Classic Miniature)
Loyalty (Little League)
March (Birthstone Babies)
Patchwork Dreams (one week production)
Perfect Game
Polar Baby
Police Officer
Pretty Girl T Brown hair-brown eyes
Ring Bearer (Wedding Party)
Say Cheese
Soft & Innocent (Spinning Wheel Exclusive)
Stars & Stripes (light skin)
Sweet as Candy
Take Me Home
Teddy Bear Blues (Newborn light skin)
Teddy Bear Blues (Newborn medium skin)
That's My Girl
That's My Kitty
Tumbling Teddies   
Two By Two  
Warm & Cuddly

MUNCHKIN (Reva Schick) [060600]
By The Sea (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in Little Fishies outfit)
Elizabeth (Elegant Edition)
Gingham & Stars
Golden Amber (full infant)
Golden Girl
Just For Kicks
Little Blossom
Little Moonbeam
Lovin' Bundle
Our Angel
Peru (Children of the World)
Pink Ponies
Puppy Play
Tiny Ruffles (dark skin)
Tiny Ruffles (light skin)
Waiting For Santa (dark)
Waiting For Santa (light)

NEWBORN BABY (Reva Schick)
Little Bailey (13" Playbaby)

NEWBORN LOVE (Reva Schick) [080602]
Little Baby (dark skin - 2005 Club gift doll for Playing Mommy)
Little Baby (light skin - 2005 Club gift doll for Playing Mommy)

NEWBORN WONDER (Reva Schick) [020400]
Baby from Mommy and Baby
Bunting Baby (light and medium skin)
5 play dolls blue, pink C, pink ethnic, yellow & green
NBW Pink Flowers(13"play baby)
NBW Pink Striped (13"play baby)
NBW Pink Striped(13" Ethnic)
NBW Stars & Moons (13"play baby)
NBW Yellow Flowers (13" play baby)
Rockin' My Baby (light and ethnic)

NITE NITE TIME (Reva Schick) [091004]
Sound Asleep (newborn)

NOT FAIR (Reva Schick) [012705]
I Know My ABCs
Peas & Carrots (newborn)

PEACEFUL SLUMBER (Reva Schick) {sleeping} [111297]
Baby Dreams (Caucasian & African American)
Bundle of Love
Counting Sheep
Lions & Tigers & Bears
My LM nursery baby, Holly Reva
Sleepy Bear
Snuggle Bunny (Bunny Bundle outfit)

PEACHES (Reva Schick)  [110703]
Celebrate! (10 Year member 2006 convention doll)
Playing Mommy 2005 Club doll (dark skin)
Playing Mommy 2005 Club doll (light skin)
Special Little Girl (newborn)

PRECIOUS GIFT (Reva Schick) [080301]
Jessie (20" Playbaby)
Precious Gift Pink Rose  (Treasured Child)
Precious Gift Yellow Duck  (Treasured ChIld)
Someone To Care For Pink
Treasured Child Girl: PG Blue Jeans

PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY (Reva Schick) [073097]
All American Boy (light skin)
All American Boy (medium skin)
Baa - Baa Blue
Baby Mine
Buddy (newborn) [dark]
Buddy (newborn) [light]
Cat Bird
Hunny Bunny
I Wanna Play Football
Junior Varsity
Li'l Dandy (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in the Ring Bearer outfit)
Mittens, Mittens
Reindeer Games (newborn)
Star Bright boy (Twinkle Star outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Star Bright girl (Twinkle Star outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Sugar Plum

(light skin)(medium skin)
Crystal Blue (full toddler)
Grandmother's Treasure (2nd Convention doll 2002)
Lilacs & Gingham (full SL toddler)
Sweet Hearts
Twenty-Five Years of Love (25th Anniversary)

PRETTY BABY (Reva Schick) [031503]
All Smiles
Bubble Bath (newborn)
Good Morning Mommy
Hop-Scotch (toddler full straight legs)
Yesteryear (newborn)


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