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Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

ANGEL BABY (Eva Helland) [020802]
Bunny Bundle
Ready to Hug
So Huggable

Angel Bear African American
Baby Bows
Baby Girl
Best Buddies
Factory Nursery Baby (my African American Candace Mae "Candy")
Family Treasure (medium skin)
Let's Go Sailing (medium skin)
Little Snowflake (Newborn dark skin)
Merry Go Fun
My Sweet Baby medium
Rattle Time
Someone to Care For Pink (dark skin)
Someone To Care For Green Print (dark)
Winter Fun (dark skin in Let It Snow outfit) [T.J. Maxx]

AMANDA (Lee Middleton) * [122883]
Amanda Springtime

BABY FACE (Reva Schick) [021898]
Angel Baby
Autumn's Afternoon
Bunny Soft (newborn)
Bright New World
Butterfly Dreams  (newborn)
Christmas Elf (dark skin) [newborn]
Christmas Elf (light skin) [newborn]
Daddy's Little Girl
Elegance (Spiegel Exclusive)
Factory Nursery Baby (my green eyed redhead Taffy Jany)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Hispanic Titania Marie)
Factory Store Special (my African American Trista Belle)
Farmer (Farmer in the Dell)
Goldilocks (Classic Miniature)
Innocence (Expo'99)
Little Princess (AA-C-H)
Lovin' Gingerbread Boy
Native American Baby 1870 (Faces of America)
Native American Baby 1870 8" (Faces of America) [Classic Miniatures]
November (Birthstone babies)
Olivia (Elegant Edition)
Our Little Sweetie (FAO Schwarz)
Our Pride and Joy (light skin)
Our Pride and Joy (medium skin)
Our Pride and Joy (light skin) [Classic Miniatures]
Our Pride and Joy (medium skin) [Classic Miniatures]
Pink Gingham
Precious In Green
Precious in His Sight (Hispanic)
Spring Bouquet (white)
Springtime Stroll
Strawberry Sundae
Sweet Blue Birdie
Sweetly Sailing Caucasian boy & girl
Sweetly Sailing Hispanic boy & girl
Sweet Sis
Tic Tac Toe
Vintage Girl (TJ Maxx no lashes)

BABY LOVE (Reva Schick) [032598]
Butterfly Kisses
Clownin' Around (toddler)
Heart's Desire
I Love America (girl)
I Love Cape May boy (Oma's Dolls Cape May, NJ Store Special)
I'm A Big Girl Now
June (Birthstone babies)
Lavender Love
Leopard Print (Design Darling)
Little Co-Pilot
Little Miss Proper (24" toddler)
Little Sweetheart
Love At First Sight (Expo Special)
Love Bug boy
Love Bug girl
Love Goes 'Round (TJ Maxx  no eyelashes in Love Makes The World Go yellow dress)
Messenger Angel:  Love
MOB:  Baby Love Toddler
Party Time
Recital Day
Ring Around the Rosie
School Days (straight legs)
Simply Sweet
Sweet Memories
Spring Angel
Springtime (boy)
Sweet Angel (FAO Schwarz)
Walk in the Park
Winter Fun (light skin) [T.J. Maxx]

BABY MINE (Reva Schick) [052804]
Furry Friend (21" newborn)
Grandma's Girl (toddler)
Summer Sweetheart (full SL toddler - dark)

BABY TALK (Eva Helland) [020101]
Buddy Bear (light skin)
Buddy Bear (medium skin)
Little Baby Girl
Little Fishies (light skin tone)
Little Fishies (medium skin tone)
Rebekah (Elegant Edition)

BEAUTIFUL BABY (Reva Schick) [071999]
Beautiful (newborn)
China (Children of the World)
China 8" (Children of the World)
China 2003 (Children of the World)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Asian Face Kenji)
Hawaii (Faces of America)
Hawaii (Classic Miniature)
Japan (Children of the World)
Japan (Classic Miniature)
Lilacs & Gingham (full SL toddler)
Li Ying Comes Home (toddler FSL)
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Asian)
Maia (Elegant Edition)
Maia 8" (Elegant Edition)
Morning Sky
Pampers Kids:  Asian
Ready For School
Snuggles (Asian)
Thailand (Children of the World)
Thailand (Classic Miniature)
Winter Wonder

No picture at this time.
BELOVED (Lee Middleton)* [011092]
Bedtime Story
Beloved & Bebe (porcelain)
Daydreamer (Bedtime Baby Boy outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Good Friends
Happy Birthday (blue & pink)
She's So Pretty
Sunbeams and Flowers

BRIGHT EYES (Eva Helland) [032701]
Perfect Baby Girl

No picture at this time.
BUBBA CHUBBS (Lee Middleton) [082284]
Bitsy Chubbs (porcelain girl)
Bubba Chubbs
Bubba Chubbs Batboy
Bubba Chubbs Railroader
Bubba the Kid

No picture at this time.
BYE BABY (Lee Middleton) [040287]
Blessed Homecoming (First Club Doll 1997)
Bye Baby Bunting
To Grandmother's House We Go (Second Club Doll 1998)

No picture at this time.
CHERISH (Lee Middleton) [041287]
Cat Nap CE
Cherish (porcelain)
Cotton Top
Hug-A-Bug CE
Little Guy  CE

CUDDLE BUG (Reva Schick)
Little Skyler (17" Playbaby)
Little Skyler (17" Playbaby)

CUDDLE ME (Reva Schick) {pacifier} [111197]
All Star
Baby Bear (Caucasian)
Beary Cute
Being Good
Cotton Candy
Cute Li'l Baby (Little Bit of Heaven Exclusive)
Family Treasure (light skin)
Good Boy!
Honey Pie
Let It Rain (boy)
Let It Rain (girl)
Little Skater
Little Snowman (one day production)
Lucky Ducky
MOB:  Cuddle Me ABC
MOB:  Cuddle Me Duck White
MOB:  Cuddle Me Giraffe Yellow
Pink Beauty (2004 Atlanta, GA market exclusive)
Precious In Blue
Primary Bear
Ready To Go
Soft & Sweet
Soft As A Snowflake (Winter Wonder) [T.J. Maxx]
Someone To Care For Blue Print
Someone To Care For Floral Print
Too Cute (boy & girl)
Very Good Baby (Toys R Us)
Zoom Zoom! (dark)
Zoom Zoom! (light)

CUTIE PIE (Reva Schick) [032299]
Dressed for the Holidays (Fourth Club Doll 2000)
Factory Nursery Baby (my green eyed blond, Henry John)
May (full toddler)
Morning Glory
My Little Lamb
My Little Lamb (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes)
Pig (Farmer in the Dell)
She's So Sweet
Soccer Star (TJ Maxx girl in soccer outfit)
Spring Recital
Tender and Timeless
The Thirties (The Way We Were)
The Thirties (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Young At Heart
Zebra Print (Design Darling)

DARLING ANGEL (Reva Schick) [0925501]
Darling Angel Pink Bear (medium skin) [Treasured Child]

DARLING BABY (Reva Schick) [010802]
Korea (Children of the World)

DREAMER (Eva Helland) [071101]
Afternoon Adventure 26" (L'innocence)
First Generation African American (Faces of America)
Gypsy Melody
Imperial Splendor (medium skin)
Morning Chores 26" (L'innocence)
Spring in Paris 26"
Winter Splendor 26" (L'innocence)

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