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Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

No Picture at this time!
FIRST BORN (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [080194 CE]
MOB: First Born Awake Giraffe Pink OE
MOB: First Born Awake Boy
MOB: First Born Awake Girl
MOB: First Born Boy CE
MOB: First Born Girl CE
Picture Perfect OE
Pretty As A Rose OE
Quiet As A Mouse CE
Romper Series CE (Caucasian & African America)
Someone To Care For (Blond)
So Snuggly CE
Softly Sleeping CE
Starry Night CE & OE
Wee One CE & OE

No Picture at this time!
FIRST MOMENTS (Lee Middleton) [120293 CE] [062194 OE]
Battenburg Christening
Christening (vinyl & porcelain)
Feelin’ Froggy
Lullaby Time
Peaches & Pearls
Toot Sweet

GIGGLES (Reva Schick) [080197]
Factory Store Edition (my Sunny Daze)
Going To A Party
Hello Sunshine (newborn)
Little Cowboy

No Picture at this time!
GRACE (Lee Middleton) [041388]
Blue Bonnet (Precious in Blue outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Fresh as a Daisy
Garden Party
Grace (porcelain)
Santa’s Helper (boy & girl)

HAPPY BABY (Reva Schick)
Day at the Orchard (newborn)

HONEY LAMB (Reva Schick) [091501]
ABeaver (Tom Arma Series)
Classic Charm (light skin toddler FSL)
Classic Charm (medium skin toddler FSL)
Dancing Bears
Factory Store Edition (my Christianna Jeanne)
Friends Forever-Boy
Friends Forever-Girl
One Little Heart (light skin)
One Little Heart (medium skin)
HONEY LAMB (Reva Schick) [091501] {cont.}
Pink Fantasy (straight leg full toddler)
Poppies & Plaid (full SL toddler)
Teddy Comes Too

No Picture at this time!

HONEY LOVE (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [091295 CE] [010596 OE]
Afternoon Nap CE & OE (Caucasian & African American)
All Dolled Up OE
Blushing Heart (Af Am awake) [Spiegel Exclusive]
Bo Peep OE
Button, Button OE
Cuddle Time OE
Cup Of Tea OE
Loving Tribute OE
MOB: Honey Love Awake Boy AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Awake Girl AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Duck Green OE (dark skin tone)
MOB: Honey Love Duck Yellow OE
MOB: Honey Love Sleeping Boy AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Sleeping Girl AA/C
Proud Heritage boy CE (brown outfit African American)
Proud Heritage girl OE (brown outfit African American)
Slumber Kisses CE (African American)
Slumber Kisses OE (Caucasian)
Snowbunny boy OE (Caucasian & African American)
Snowbunny girl OE (Caucasian & African American)
Someone To Care For (brunette)
Summer Fun CE & OE
Sweet Rose OE
Treasured Traditions OE
Twinkle Star boy OE
Twinkle Star girl OE

HONEY PIE (Reva Schick) [081400]
Baby Blocks
Buds & Bows (light skin) [newborn]
Buds & Bows (medium skin) [newborn]
Cookies for Santa (straight leg light skin)
Cookies for Santa (straight leg dark skin)
Cotton Tails
Golden Days (light)
Golden Days (medium)
How Does Your Garden Grow? (full straight leg toddler)
Just Like Mommy
Norway (Children of the World)
Thank Heaven for Little Girl (s)
Travel With Teddy (light skin)
Travel With Teddy (medium skin)

HUSH A BABY (Reva Schick) {sleeping} [031597]
Angel Love
Hearts & Flowers
Little Beauty
Little Lullaby
Native American Sleeping Baby (medium skin)
Shhhh….baby sleeping (newborn)
Sleeping Beauty
Snoozy Bear
Spring Bouquet (green)
Sweetheart Rose (outfit unknown)[T.J. Maxx]

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