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Clan Brujah

Origin of the Clan

Brujah Sects

Brujah Disciplines

Secrets of the Brujah

Brujah's Commandments

Brujah Character: Aidan O'Ryan

Clan Brujah

    This Page will be devoted to Clan Brujah, one of my personal favorite clans. It is a Clan who, in their days of might, served as the peaceful scholars of the kindred, but through a tale a of betrayal and conquest the Clan was reinvented as a flock of raging warriors. Now, the only respect that the clan can manage to engender comes from the simple fear that a Brujah will rage into frenzy at the drop of a hat, and a potence empowered kindred is not something anyone wants dashing at them in blind anger.

    The Brujah can boast responsibility for the majority of the Anarchs and the Caitiff. The Camarilla Brujah differ from both mainly in the respect for the Masquerade. There are, of course, a number of Brujah who have chosen to reject the accepted Clan and become Anti-tribu within the Sabbat. These Kindred serve mainly as shock troops for the warlike group, and differ from their Camarilla Kin only in that they are often less intelligent and all the more aggresive. An interesting note is that the Brujah of the Old World are quite a bit different than their anarchist kin oversea. Most European Brujah have the attitude of aristoctratic Elders and often enough agree with the general stereotype of american Brujah being effectively 'rabble'.