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Hazelle Believes Life Is An Adventure!

to 3rd Eco-Summer Camping
May 15-16, 1999
Sitio Salkak, Landan
Polomolok, South Cotabato


Ms. Hazel Glenda Guerrero - Lopez


S triving to discover what is our niche in this vast Mother Earth is part of our conquest in LIFE...

Lemme recall...

We left Gensan office (WMC) for Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato after lunch(15 May 1999). Our trip was a very bumpy, muddy, and rocky one.

I had several trips in the past via going-to-hell-like-roads and "penitentiary" terrains but that was the worst one!

The road to Landan and Sitio Salkak was excruciatingly rough on us. Must be because it was raining for the past few days. The mobile we were following got deeply buried and hardly stucked in the thick hardened mud several times! Hey, I hope I was able to count it, but anyways, it was seemingly countless. :)

At about 3:24 PM, we felt like we were not travelling by land but instead we were sitting on a small Titanic ship and the tragedy was about to happen again in the 15th of May 1999! Oh men! Worse thing we don't have Jack and Rose around (to inspire us, at least) but we were totally uncontrollably headed to some very huge and sharp icebergs---to the edge!

So that's one proof --- we've been to the edge!
Just imagine how the passengers of Jojo, the ultra-energetic Environment and Loss Control Manager (yeah, my boss who makes every-dream-adventure-come-true, for that Jo, "gracias por su todo"), 3 ladies (Pinky, Tess Peņera, Liezl) plus 1 "cool-looking-scientist". Yeah, that's Butch Sebua, who believes LIFE depends on "water sampling" ...hey, Butch is right: LIFE really depends on WATER! Without water, there would be no life. These guys have to get out of the mobile like fish out of water...just to witness (do they have a choice?) how their mobile was pulled and pushed by our (yeah, as-in "our" cuz they come from our mobile) sturdy gentlemen (John F, Bruce, Butch). But of course, we had an almost equally hard time going to the place.

We were confident enough that our 4WD mobiles are battle and worse-road-tested but what happened to us was extremely terrible! Good thing, it was just a "near miss"! Fortunately, we survived the perilous trip.

At about 7PM we entered Salkak Caves. It was very dark inside and there was a stream flowing. But we can't expect the stream to have crystal waters. Just imagine those powerful muddy shoes unceasingly stepped on the cave ground. Good thing we had our hard hats! We can't imagine gettin' out of the cave alive without it, amidst the stalactites and stalagmites.

Hazel Glenda Guerrero - Lopez , a positive thinker and an active, dynamic, fun-loving environmentalist. Hazelle, a consistent Academic Achiever, was a Community Development Editor of VOICE, Notre Dame of Dadiangas College Official Organ in 1993-1995. In 1995, she became a Project Officer and Environmental Management Researcher in Department of Agriculture, South Cotabato, Sarangani and General Santos City, (SOCSARGEN) Project Management Unit, Area Development Project, General Santos City. The Author is also a computer instructor in Mindanao State University - College of Business Administration and a part-time instructor in AMA Computer Center, General Santos City.

Presently, Hazelle is the School Director and Chief Operations Officer of AMA Computer College (Asia's First I.T. University, Pioneer and Largest in Computer-Based Education) - General Santos City Campus. ...That's where she faces an inspiringly awesome and extremely challenging LIFE!=)

Everyday is a constant learning experience, unceasing discoveries and a BIG CHALLENGE!

She strongly believes Philippians 4:13, "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens US." For as long as we have a very strong FAITH in HIM, we will never go wrong, for the ALMIGHTY FATHER will always be with US. Let us find our purpose it, fulfill it, do everything in accordance to HIS NAME. Just think about this: with God's undying LOVE, constant GUIDANCE and continuous WISDOM, how can you go wrong? Please feel free to e-mail her

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Hazelle (the Author), Butch (Mr. University- Philippines, 2000), Bruce (Geologist) and John (d Rescue Man!)managed to enjoy every single, sweaty moment inside the cave.

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a butterfly

The people who wanna see NATURE at its BEST...
(Above from left):Romy A, Butch S, HG, Tess P, Bruce, JB, Liezl
Squatting in front: Butch O, John F and Pinky

During the night right after the cave exploration, we had our reggae with the other SBAOC (Sarangani Bay Outdoor Club) members. T'was kinda fun. Jing Velos, SBAOC Chairman informed us that it's a celebration they do once a year.

Cold beer and drinks were served. Everyone enjoyed the night. There was a non-stop reggae sound all over the place. Adventurers (yeah, that's US!) were dancing around the small flickering red lamp (i dunno whatchamacallit). But that was really fun! Few hours before midnight (or was that midnight already?), we decided to give ourselves a break!

Liezl (si Maganda and always "no sweat!" )fell asleep as soon as her back touched her portable "bed", nope..err...sleeping bag. After a few sec, Tess P (who's the Aiko Melendez look alike? She's a walking energy tho!) was whistlin' (yeah, she's asleep, too) and followed by Pinky (the ever beautiful and as always elegant). Good for them =). But that's alright. I know everyone deserves to have a goodnite sleep.

When I looked at my watch, it was 1AM...2AM...3AM...i got up. Get myself somethin' to drink. **whew** I started stargazing. The place was kinda quiet...'Went inside our tent. I'm afraid I might collapse the following day (or just few hours from that hour...LOL!) I tried to close my eyes. At 4AM, I pulled out Butch's handy cam and I started walkin' around the place taking shots. Yeah, "steal shots" of those golden moments.

Everything around... the nature looks fabulous and extremely breathtaking...

Hopefully our next activity would be snorkelin' & scuba divin' then next we're gonna have scad diving! Have ya heard of that? Anyways, before I'd look forward to the next adventure I gotta learn how to be a better swimmer! = )

As of now, I have to stop this. Gotta give myself a break! Who wants to sacrifice for long anyways? I have to catch some sleep.

C ya guys in the next adventure! And btw (short 4 "by the way")

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Friendship transcends time and space...
I don't have to see your face
or know how far you are to keep you close to my heart.

The Author

"Que su vida siga su curso por elcamino
mas venturuso y que nunca termine nuestra

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