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Being a True Notre Damean
by Hazel Glenda C. Guerrero

Notre Dame , a prestigious Marist academic institution, has incontrovertibly contributed a lot not only to my intellectual development but as well as to social, moral and spiritual upbringing.

How fast time flies…

Several years ago, I was so young, naïve an unaware. I was still one of those kids who was not taking life seriously enough. During my younger and innocent years, I thought life was a bed of roses. I do not worry nor do I need to bother myself thinking about anything.

But as time goes by, things seems to change, gradually and slowly. That started when I enrolled in NDDC. The four year stint in a Marist School has moulded me to be come a sensible and responsible citizen which are reflected in my current life’s outlooks and perspectives. Challenges, I just love and I get so much of these, here in this institution.

Four years, ushered new dimensions in my growth, i.e. it pushes me to set my priorities in life. Reaching the zenith my accomplishments and the peak of success is my dream but of course to be at peace with God is my ultimate goal.

As a student leader, a scholar and as an individual, I am always determined. When I set my mind on something I always try my best to achieve it. In everything I do, I always set my best foot forward.

There were times unexpected, unpleasant things happened but I always put in my mind that God has prepared something for me. He will not give me problems which He knows I cannot solve nor burdens I cannot bear. Problems serve as challenges and they even strengthen my will and determination. I know, this is His real purpose.

Now, it can be said, that one the best decisions I made was when I chose to study in Notre Dame. Now that I am about to end another chapter of my life, I feel more confident, matured, responsible and fully equipped to face the world. Notre Dame has indeed prepared me to rise to the challenge of excellence and leave the portals of my Alma Mater with humility, patience, courage and determination.

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