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Kewl Facts About Hazelle

Getting to know Hazelle Fast Facts

Full Name: Hazel Glenda Torres Cabatingan Guerrero
Nickname: Hazel, Glen, Haze, Zel
Cybername: Hazelle
Email @ddy:
Pen Name: Mercury
Parents' Ancestors: Mom (Portuguese), Father (Spanish)
Birthday: 7th day of October
Star Sign: Libra
Chinese Calendar Sign: Tiger
Fave Phrase: "I Balance"
Birthstone: Opal, Sapphire
Motto::"Men sana en corpore sano"
Birthplace: General Santos City, Philippines
Eyecolor: Dark brown
Hair color: Jet black
Parents: Dr. Vitaliana Cabatingan Guerrero, PhD
Mr. George Tangonan Guerrero, Llb
Brother/Sister: Garrett Neil & Sharon Thea
Hobbies: reading books, magazines, writing poems,
making compositions, drawing & sketching, surfing, webpage making


Fave Clothes: Somethin' casual, prim, rugged, hip and tidy
Getup: White shirt and jeans
Accessories: Hip stuff and anythin' fancy
Type of Movies: action, comedy, light love stories, suspense
Fave Foods: pasta, pizza, fries
Fave Ice Cream: Baskin' Robbins and Grand Dreyers
TV Show: Clarissa, Dexter's Lab :)
Fave actresses:
Local: Kristine Hermosa
International: Alexis Bledel, Charlie's Angels
Fave actors:
Local:Matthew Mendoza, Piolo Pascual.
International: Elijah Wood, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fave Channels:CNBCASIA, TechTv, Studio 23, Cartoon Network
Fave Colors: Peach, Orange and Cyan
Qualities of a friend: honest, caring, thoughtful, reliable, dependable & loyal
Favorite Books: Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; David Schwartz's The Magic of Thinking Big
Favorite Sports: Mountain climbing, rock climbing; spelunking (cave exploration),table tennis, target shooting and rappelling
Past time: Writing, reading, listening to R&B music
Type of Music:Soulful Ballads, Pop, R&B, Country music, a lil bit of Classic, Senti OPM Songs
Fave Cartoon Character: Casper; Tweety
Astrological Sign: Libra
First Ambition: To become a doctor
Dreams: To serve my country with the best of my abilities God has given me(we all should aim and work for it, long way to go!)
First Job: English Instructor at AMA CLC, GSC Branch
Self-description: trustworthy, honest, sincere, friendly, thoughtful, God fearing, determined, patient and down-to-earth
Best Quality: determined; being an achiever (when I do somethin’ I try to put my heart and mind into it); having a very strong faith in God. When I feel like I am challenged, I know I should take all challenges as blessings. For those are the times, God is carrying me.
Worst Quality: too kind and extremely workaholic
Biggest Fear:....I dont fear anythin for He is always my side.
Biggest Influence: My mom. Greg Morris, my australian boss who looks like Kevin Costner, only better. Greg is a big fighter and the greatest influence of my life!

Fave Childhood Memory: When I was in Grade 3, most of the time, I was assigned to sit in front and make a list of my noisy and hyper active classmates. Afterwards I give d list to our teacher. (Pretty cute experience, huh!???)

Scariest Childhood Experience: After watchin’ the movie Dracula in our neighbor’s home, there was a brown-out.
Dream Vacation Spots: Paris, Europe
Favorite Bands: Boybands such as BSB, 911, 98 degrees, Five, Ultra, B*witched
Primary Goal in Life: To make a difference in helping and serving my countrymen. To make this world a better place to live.To stand out and become successful and happy in my chosen field of endeavor.

Mission in Life: To be a LIGHT not a judge, to be a MODEL, not a critic.

Most Memorable Moment: December ’95, I felt so free, and was away from home. I spent my Christmas in Laguna, Phils. The saddest Christmas I had, too.

Saddest moment/s: Dec ’98, when I found out via #lasalle that docmike(my cyberfriend died in Las Vegas)and December '99 when I spent my Christmas with my-so-called "bestfriend", who after all was NOT even a friend to me. We've been callin each other as "bestfriend" while the truth was, we were NOT even friends. The day we met in person, I found out he was a totally different person. Very much opposite to what he was in his emails. Sad to say, but he was the biggest nightmare of my life. I took it as a blessing. He made me more cautious and stronger!

Ideal Man: Honest, sincere, hardworking, responsible, achiever, God fearing and family oriented, good conversationalist, loyal, tall, goodlooking, neat, well organized and secured of himself.

[Though I also believe that it's really funny how we set qualifications of who to love, but at the back of our minds and in the depths of our hearts, we know that the person we love will always be an EXCEPTION!]

Greatest dream: To walk hand in hand with the Lord and tell HIM all the BEST things I've done when I was still ALIVE.

Things that make me sad: When there are some problems I find so hard to solve (that was then). I got one big realization: that for as long as you COMMIT to the LORD whatever you do, all your plans will succeed. Lean not unto your own understanding but in all ways - ACKNOWLEDGE HIM and HE will direct your path.

What makes me sad is when I commit mistakes (this seldom happens now, because HE is always beside me); when somebody feels sad and bad. Please feel free to email me at:

Things that make me happy: When I do something laudable, and when the people around me are happy.

Kewlest Belief:"The Best things in life are free."; "LIFE is a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHESY, as you THINK it is, so IT WILL BE."


Greatest Achievement in Life:

When I finished my elementary, highschool & college with flying colors. To graduate as Cum Laude, to be one of the Most Outstanding Leaders, Outstanding Graduates of Notre Dame and to be nominated for the Notre Dame Award. Being able to impart my knowledge, positive thoughts and share my values to my students and to people who I had a good chance to keep in touch with. Furthermore, I aim to continue this lifetime commitment wherever the road of LIFE may take me... The best is yet to come.

I still have a long way to go. I will always continue serving my city, my country and help uplift the life of every Filipino. I know everyone deserves to be happy.

If only everyone would open their minds to reality, be more patient, understand more, SMILE more, be more fair and honest in dealings with others - definitely there is no more room for hate and war. EVERYONE will have PEACE of MIND. Afterall, LIFE is a MATTER of CHOICE.


When I die I want every Filipino to remember me as a very happy, very supportive, fun-loving, friendly and dependable person. Somebody willing to help without expecting anything in return.

I want to help and serve my countrymen. We should know that "charity must always begin at home." We should also continue to share our blessings with others.

I know and I firmly believe that God, Jesus Christ gave me/us all these things so I/we have something to share with my/our countrymen. These graces, blessings and wisdom that I/we continuously receive are not for me/us alone but for the good of everyone. Every man has the right to feel what I/we feel and enjoy what I/we have.

I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I LOVE MY COUNTRYMEN. One best way of showing them that I/we care is by sharing with them what I/we have, helping them in any way I/we can.

Eversince I was exposed to life's painful realities, I realized that we should only have ONE EMPLOYER, that is HIM, our Almighty Father and if there is SOMEBODY who we should please that is HIM.

After all, LIFE IS TOO SHORT. We only pass this way but once, so any GOOD thing we can DO, let us DO IT NOW, for we shall NEVER PASS this way again.

All of these BLESSINGS, I offer to the Almighty Father. I owe HIM everything. I owe HIM my LIFE. In return I must serve HIM. These things will make HIM happy and so are my countrymen.


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