buffy at the board What's My Line part 1

Season 2, Episode 9 (Episode 21 of entire series)

This episode marks the appearance of Dalton, and is the first time Oz speaks to Willow. Mr. Gordo, Buffy's stuffed pig, makes his debut. Also the first time that Xander refers to the gang as "the Scooby gang." The theme of Buffy as the Slayer but not a normal teenager kicks into high gear in this two-part episode.


Show opens up at school...the gang's filling out forms for Career Day. Buffy's being forced to participate by Principal Snyder, and she's upset because it just reinforces the idea of having her destiny/future already carved out. Xander and Cordy exchange insults.

At Vamp Central, Spike's smacking Dalton around because Dalton's not able to translate a book for Spike. Drusilla's sporting bruises on her arms, and we learn that the book contains info. that'll restore Dru's health. Dru, who's making it big with the tarot-type cards in this ep., makes an allusion to the fact that the book's written in some kind of code, and that they need an object from a mausoleum in order to be able to translate the code.

During patrol, Buffy notices some activity going on inside the mausoleum. She sees Dalton chipping away at some vault thing, and waits outside for him. Another vamp attacks her, but she makes quick work of staking him. Not quick enough, though...Dalton's gone when she turns around to deal with him.

Later Buffy's climbing into her room through a window, and sees Angel pacing about, clutching Mr. Gordo. They chat, she bemoans her situation about not being a normal teen, and the two make plans to go ice skating on Tuesday. Apparently Buffy was big into Dorothy Hamill back in the day. Especially significant is that we learn Buffy's mom is out of town for a few days, buying art. That's pretty convenient.

Cut to career results, more insults between Cordy and Xander. Buffy complains about being stuck in the law enforcement gig, and Willow's results weren't available. Buffy takes off to meet Giles in the library, and she mentions what she saw at the mausoleum. Giles kind of gets on her about not seeing what was stolen, etc., and Buffy starts the whole why-don't-you-find-another-person-to-be-the-Slayer-oh-wait-you-can't-I'm-the-Chosen-One thing.

Meanwhile, back at the Vamps' place, Dalton asks Spike what can they do about the Slayer, and Spike decides to call in the Order of Turaka. This kind of freaks out Dalton. It sort of freaks me out, too.

Back at Career Day, Xander tells Willow that Giles and Buffy went to the mausoleum. Snyder bugs the two of them about Buffy's whereabouts, and Snyder and Xander exchange some barbs. Snyder kind of gets in touch with his Star Trek nature when he says, "Fascinating," to something Xander says. Xander goes off in search of his booth, and Willow's approached by two Men in Suits. They take her to a curtained-off area, where classical music is playing and canapes are being served. They tell her that she's one of two students who've been selected to meet with a Mr. McCarthy, some guy affiliated with the leading software concern or whatever, and that they've been tracking her for a while. It's here that Willow sees Oz for the first time.

Meanwhile, Giles and Buffy are at the mausoleum investigating du Lac's tomb so they might discover what the vamp stole. Giles gives Buffy the backstory on Josephus du Lac -- du Lac was part of a religious sect that was excommunicated by the Vatican at the turn of the century and the book that the vamps stole in Lie to Me belonged to du Lac. The stolen book contained rituals and spells of "unspeakable evil" and it was written in archaic Latin in order to ensure that no one outside the sect could understand it.

Meanwhile, the Turakans begin arriving in Sunnydale. They all look pretty creepy, you know? (Check out their character page for more.).

Back at the library, Giles informs the gang about the Cross du Lac -- du Lac destroyed all the crosses which could decipher the sect's writings. Well, actually, all of the crosses were destroyed except for one, which was buried with him. And which Dalton promptly stole the other night.

Long scene at the ice skating rink where Buffy and Angel take down Turakan number 1. They're too busy smooching to notice that a girl is watching them -- the same girl who'd been in the cargo hold of an airplane when we saw the Turakans arrive in town. This is why you shouldn't smooch at an ice rink.

Anyhoo, Angel warns Buffy to get to a safe place because he knows the Turakans are after her -- of course, he doesn't tell her that part. Buffy learns from Giles who the bounty hunters are, and she's majorly freaked for the rest of the episode. So much so that she slams Oz up against a locker, but he took it pretty well, so I guess that's okay.

Elsewhere, Angel pays a visit to a guy in a bar and basically begins beating some information out of him. The chick from the ice rink shows up to slam Angel into a cage and lock him up. There's a lot of slamming going on...

Giles and Willow discover that the vamps are using the cross to decipher a spell that would restore Dru back to health, and Giles calls Xander to go over to Buffy's. To them, she's done a disappearing act since they can't track her down. Anyhoo, Cordy drives Xander to Buffy's, they investigate her place, and Cordy unwittingly lets in Bugman Turakan because he's offered her free beauty supplies.

Meanwhile, Buffy gets the shock of her life when she detects a presence -- make that an axe -- and wakes up. She finds herself in a good chick fight with someone who claims to be "Ken-dra, the Vampire Slayer." That'll do it for this episode...Sorry again for the non-brevity.

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy staked a vamp outside the mausoleum.
2. Buffy used her ice skate to slit the throat of an assassin from The Order of Turaka.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. There's a supplier of animal blood to the vampire community -- it's Willy.
2. Buffy wanted to be Dorothy Hamill when she was younger.
3. Angel lurks.
4. Buffy has a stuffed pig named Mr. Gordo.
5. Cordelia's cut out to be a personal shopper or motivational speaker. (Hence the cheerleading?)
6. Xander's cut out to be a prison guard.
7. Buffy's cut out for law enforcement.

An Amusing Quote:

Buffy: "Note to self: religion freaky." -- upon hearing Giles say that sometimes possessions and body parts, such as a finger, were kept in vaults in mausoleums.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. Buffy's house
3. An ice skating rink
4. The Warehouse (Spike & Dru)
5. A seedy bar (Willy's)
6. Sunnydale Airport's runway
7. The Sunnydale Bus Depot
8. The mausoleum
9. Mrs. Kalish's house

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Angel
7. Kendra
8. The Order of Turaka
9. Spike
10. Drusilla
11. Dalton
12. Oz
13. Willy
14. Principal Snyder
15. Mrs. Kalish

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