kendra comes to town  What's My Line part 2

Season 2, Episode 10 (Episode 22 of entire series)

Picks up where part 1 left off....This episode introduces Slayer number 2. Also is the beginning of the Oz/Willow relationship, and also sparks the beginning of the Xander/Cordy relationship. This episode marks the beginning of Dru's recovery, and the beginning of Spike's immobility.


Buffy and Kendra are at a standstill during their fight...Buffy suggests that they go to Giles to figure out what's going on. Once there, they learn that Kendra's watcher, Mr. Zabuto, sent her to Sunnydale with the information that "a very dark power is about to rise." Here we also learn that since Buffy was technically dead for a bit in Prophecy Girl, it makes sense that Kendra would be activated as the next Slayer. Sort of. Anyhoo, Kendra tells Buffy that she attacked her because she thought she was a vampire. She then tells the gang that she did something to Angel.

Meanwhile, Angel's locked up in the Cage of Indirect Sunlight, and he's pretty weak. Willy comes to drag him to safety, it seems. Well actually, he just drops him down into the sewer and collects some money from Spike. Things look pretty grim.

Back at Buffy's, Xander and Cordy see the worm guy and take off for the safety of the Summers's basement. Down there, they shriek at each other. And later smooch out of hormonal desperation or anxiety or possibly both.

Giles and Kendra seem to bond, because Kendra is very much a by-the-books (or at least, by the Slayer Handbook) type of Slayer. Buffy notes this with some dismay, which doesn't escape Willow's eye. Willow tells Buffy that no one could replace her...pretty ironic, given Buffy's take on being the Slayer for most of season 1, and especially in part 1 of this episode.

Basically what happens in this episode is that Angel gets tortured big-time by Dru. She pulls out all the stops -- and the holy water -- and slaps him around. I hope Spike enjoys it...(yeah, foreshadowing!)

Meanwhile, Kendra sort of harps on Buffy's going to school and all that and not being focused on her sacred duty. So anyhoo, Buffy and Willow are hanging out near the Career Day activities, and Buffy spies Oz giving Willow the eye. Buffy leaves when Oz comes to talk to Willow, and goes over to the booth she's been assigned to -- Law Enforcement. When the police lady calls her name, Buffy answers, and is greeted by the barrel of a gun pointing at her. Big scuffle ensues, with Turakan lady doing everything from shooting Oz in the arm to taking Jonathan hostage so she can make a quick exit from the school! Kendra goes to track her down, but loses her. And Oz has secured his place by jumping in front of Willow to take the bullet.

Meanwhile, Xander and Cordy arrive at the library and get clued in to the goings-on.

Angel tries to get Spike riled up enough to stake him, but Spike catches on before it's too late.

Buffy and Kendra had already been to see Willy once to check up on Angel, but Willy didn't do anything but ask them to pose for "some high-class nudes." At least, I think he mentioned it during their first meeting...if he didn't, no big deal. He mentioned it, okay? So now Buffy and Kendra go to beat some information out of him again, and Buffy forces Willie to take her to the church so she can save Angel and stop the ritual. Why? Because Dru needs the blood of her sire in order to be restored. Okay then.

Willy takes Buffy to the church and hands her over to the Turakans and Spike's goons. Spike is royally peeved at Willy for bringing the Slayer to him..alive. He tells Willy the contract was for Buffy's death, but Willy explains that's not what he heard. Good loophole for Buffy's continued safety in future episodes, I guess.

The gang arrives to see that the ritual's been started already, and everyone starts taking out vamps. At one point, Buffy unties Angel, then she and Spike indulge in fisticuffs. Cordy and Xander take care of Bugman, Kendra's handling Police Lady. But somehow the church starts to go up in flames, and Spike decides to take Dru and cut their losses. Buffy swings an urn and cracks him a good one.

Kendra leaves Sunnydale, but not before she and Buffy have a small bonding session, and Willow and Oz do the chat thing. Xander and Cordy do the yelling/smooch thing. And Drusilla does the I-am-a-new-woman-watch-me-carry-my-poor-helpless-Spike-out-of-the-church thing. Jeepers.

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy and Kendra fought the Order of Turaka and Spike and his men.
2. Giles used the crossbow in killing a vamp.
3. Willow staked a vamp while Giles held it steady.
4. Xander and Cordelia took down the bug man by leading his bug parts into glue. They squooshed the bug parts when they got stuck.
5. Buffy threw some urn thing to hit Spike, and it knocked him down while an organ fell on top of him.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. Kendra was activated as the next Slayer when Buffy died in Prophecy Girl
2. There's a Slayer handbook.
3. Spike gets jealous when it comes to Drusilla.
4. The monkey's the only cookie animal that gets to wear pants.
5. There's a place in Sunnydale called Bucky's Fondue Hut. (maybe)

An Amusing Quote:

Xander: "Who sponsored Career Day today, the British Soccer Fan Association?" -- to the gang, upon witnessing the destruction out in the halls.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. Buffy's house
3. The Warehouse (Spike & Dru)
4. A seedy bar (Willy's)
5. A church
6. The sewers

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Angel
7. Kendra
8. The Order of Turaka
9. Spike
10. Drusilla
11. Oz
12. Willy
13. Principal Snyder
14. Jonathan

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