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Debut -- Prophecy Girl (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

Kevin is Cordy's latest boyfriend -- at the beginning of the episode, they're smooching in his car. When Cordy hears a noise and wonders what it is, he assures her it's nothing. Later we see him talking to her in the hallway; Cordy's trying to make sure that things run smoothly at the Spring Fling dance. Kevin basically says he'll help by setting up the speakers and moving coolers. Cordy says to him, "You're so sweet. Why are you so sweet?" Kevin replies, "I don't know, 'cause I'm usually mean as a snake."

That's pretty much the last we see of Kevin alive; the next day, Cordy's complaining to Willow that Kevin was late or never showed up to help set up the equipment for the dance. She and Willow see the guys inside the A/V room at school, and it looks like they're watching cartoons. Cordy thinks it's cute, but then she declares that she's mad. She opens the door to begin a tirade, probably, when Kevin's body, which was slumped against the other side of the door, falls onto her. Don't know which vampire got Kevin,'s safe to say Kev never made it to the Spring Fling. At least he got out of helping Aura move the coolers...

Mrs. Kalish:

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Mrs. Kalish is -- or was -- Buffy's neighbor, at 1628 Revello Drive. Her doorbell rings, and she opens the door to reveal one so-called Norman Pfister, who's a representative of Blush & Beautiful skin care products. Norman tells Mrs. Kalish that he's got some free samples for her, so she steps aside to let him inside the house. Mistake number 1.

Okay, so it's true that Mrs. Kalish could have used some help in the beauty department...but it might have easily been taken care of if she'd just disposed of that hideous kerchief she had in her hair. I mean, I have nothing against scarves in the hair -- I've been known to wear 'em myself -- but this one was white with big black polka dots on it. She looked like she came straight out of the '50s...which maybe explains why she let Pfister in! (See the '50s dress note on his page)

We don't actually see Mrs. Kalish die, but we do hear her scream once Norman's inside...since he set up shop at her place so he could keep an eye on Buffy's place and since he's an unearthly-type assassin, I'm betting that he didn't just gag her and tie her to a chair. The bugman probably killed her, and all just because of where she lived. Which just goes to show you that you really do have to take everything into consideration when you're deciding where to live!

Mrs. Kalish as Cordelia?:
"Free?" -- on clarifying that she won't have to buy any Blush & Beautiful products.


Debut -- Anne (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Ken first appears to be a do-gooder type -- unless you can tell right off the bat that he's a big, evil phony. Anyhoo, he runs the Family Home, which is a place that streetkids can go when they're full of despair, lacking hope. He's sort of a sleazeball, I think. Anyway, he goes around passing out flyers to the indigent kids, and is unsuccessful in trying to recruit Anne/Buffy, even though he does give a good schpiel about hope and despair.

He recruits Lily, though, by lying to her. He tells her that her boyfriend Rickie is waiting for her.

Well, big surprise, it turns out that Ken is actually some type of Hell Demon -- he's wearing a false face, and when it comes off, his head looks all crinkly and burned, and bald to boot. As demon Ken, he goes around shouting that people who want to disappear can do so right there in the hellfactory, being slaves with no identities, working until they've aged so rapidly that they're of no use to anyone.

Lily pushes Ken off of the platform, and the gate shuts on his legs when he tries to follow Buffy and the escapees out of the hellhole. Ken served a purpose -- he gave Buffy a place to store her his head.

Ken's "Hip" Street Lingo:
Ken: "Look, I know you all think I'm a big square..." -- to Lily


Debut -- Faith, Hope & Trick (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

We first meet Kakistos in the back of his black limo. He and his vamp-follower Mr. Trick have just stopped at the Happy Burger drive-thru. Anyhoo, Kakistos is hell-bent (probably literally) on finding and killing the Slayer as payback for what she did to him. She left him with a useless eye and a nasty scar. But really, I think that pales in comparison to his cloven hands...instead of just one cloven hoof it looks like each of his fingers is cloven. And he's got some funky beard, too, so really..the eye is the least of his problems.

Anyhoo, it turns out he was looking to kill Faith, the new Slayer in town, and he's gotten Faith and Buffy trapped in his warehouse. Earlier, Faith told Buffy that Kakistos did some unspeakable evil to her watcher before he killed her. It sounds pretty bad.

Anyhoo, because he's the oldest living vampire, I think Giles said that, not only does he get to wear cloves, but he also is hard to kill. When Buffy tries to stake Kakistos, the stake just sort of goes through him and gets lodged. He sort of laughs about her need for a bigger stake, and Faith grabs a really large thing that could pass for a battering ram or at least a big stick that you could take down doors with, and she pierces him. He turns to dust, and that's about it. I bet that the chicks could've sold his cloven hooves for snacks at a restaurant somewhere. Hey, it's a southern delicacy. Sort of.

Famous Last Words?:
"I think you need a bigger stake, Slayer," --
to Buffy, who's thrown a small one at him, and before Faith rams him with a huge wooden thing.

Kulak of the Miquot Clan:

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

I think someone was having some fun with the word kumquat when it came time to name this guy...Kulak..Miquot? You do the, English. Anyhoo, who knows what the heck this thing is..I mean, even Mr. Trick had no idea, saying, "..spiny-headed thing..."

What we do know is this: Kumquat, I mean, Kulak, is this knife-in-the-arms sort of guy. Sort of like that Police Lady Turakan, Patrice person. But don't let his pointy-headedness fool you -- this guy has a soft spot, too. I mean, he offered to help >Jungle Bob/Daniel Boone guy, didn't he?

Kulak to the Rescue?:
Kulak: "Want me to cut that leg off?" --
to Jungle Bob, who's gotten caught in one of his own traps.

Anyhoo, Kulak catches up to Buffy and Cordy in the cabin and while Buffy is unsuccessful in fending him off with a pair of antlers (commentary on hunting, anyone?), Cordy starts whacking him with a spatula. When Kulak cuts Buffy, Buffy yells to Cordy to try using the gun, but it's no use...Kulak ends up buying it after the GermanJerks launch a grenade inside the cabin..he tries to jump out of a window, but finds it's boarded up. We don't see him blown apart, and that's a good thing.

As an aside, I first thought spindly-head was one of the Fish Boys from Go Fish episode.

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