The ABCs of Sunnydale

Buffy Dave:

Debut -- I Robot, You Jane (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

Dave's one of the students in Jenny Calendar's computer class.

When Buffy's suspicious of Willow's new boyfriend Malcolm (hey, I'm not knocking the cyber-romances, just stating the whole how-do-you-know-so-and-so-isn't-a-freak idea), she goes to Dave to get some information. Buffy asks Dave how she can trace an e-mail, and comes to realize that since the person would have written his own user profile, the info. she'd find wouldn't be reliable. Anyhoo, Buffy lets on that she's trying to check out Willow's new boyfriend, and Dave's tone turns harsh. He tells her, "Leave Willow alone. That's none of your business." Buffy suspects Dave of being Willow's mystery man, but he assures her that he isn't.

Dave's biggest problem is that he falls under Moloch's power. Moloch wants to get rid of Buffy, so he brainwashes Fritz and Dave into doing the dirty work. Dave backs out at the last minute. Just as Buffy's about to be electrocuted in the locker room showers -- she goes to turn off the running water in a stall and doesn't see Fritz dropping live wires onto the shower floor -- he warns her to watch out. Okay, so Dave's not totally brainwashed. He tells Moloch that he won't kill anyone, so Moloch types up a suicide note "from Dave" and Fritz offs him. Buffy finds a hanging Dave when she searches the computer lab for Willow.

Basically, Dave's okay -- or he would be, if he were alive. I think.

Plot Mover:

In an effort to find out what's going on, Buffy trailed Dave -- he led her to the CRD building. That's where the Buffy/Moloch showdown takes place at the end of the 'sode.

Spike and Dru Dalton:

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

Death -- Surprise (Season 2)

Dalton's a learned vampire, kind of the intellectual of the Spike/Dru operation. In WML, Dalton's trying to translate part of a book for Spike, since it's believed to hold the key to Drusilla's cure. When he's unable to translate the words -- they're written in a code that can only be translated by the Cross of du Lac -- Dalton gets smacked by Spike.

Basically, Dalton's a meek sort of vampire; I got the impression he'd been made a vampire due to his mental capabilities. See, so knowledge really is a dangerous thing! Anyhoo, in order to translate the du Lac book -- which incidentally happens to be the book that was stolen from Giles's office back in Lie To Me -- Dalton must retrieve the Cross of du Lac from du Lac's crypt in the mausoleum. There, he runs into Buffy who's on patrol. She remarks on his stealing something, but she's unable to kill him because another vamp is behind her; ultimately, Dalton escapes unscathed.

Dalton resurfaces in Surprise; this time Buffy's caught him in an alley where he's hauling away a box. She makes a remark about his stealing things, and is able to kill his vamp-pals, but again Dalton escapes back to the Warehouse. Ms. Calendar takes the box into the Bronze, where the gang learns that Dalton's finding pieces of The Judge in an effort to reanimate him for Spike & Dru.

When Dru finds out that Dalton lost the box to the Slayer & Co., she becomes very menacing -- she's about to kill Dalton, or at least poke his eyes out, but Spike tells her that if she does that, Dalton won't be able to relocate the box for them. -- Y'know, it's times like these that I think Spike really has a heart! -- Anyhoo, Dru steps on Dalton's glasses, then puts 'em back on his face, and he's off to the docks to get the box back before Angel can carry it to a far-off location. He and some other vamps surprise Angel & Buffy when they're having a moment; while his fellow vamps fight the Slayer & Angel, Dalton makes a break for it with the box. This vamp can run when he has to! Actually, Angel would've gotten him if he didn't have to jump into the water to save Buffy, but whatever...

Dru does tarot Okay, talk about biting the hand that feeds you -- later when The Judge is assembled, he's regaining his strength by burning out the humanity in all things that...have humanity. Well, Dalton's love of knowledge is regarded as a trait of humanity, so..The Judge burns him to death. It's kind of sad..I mean, I liked Dalton because he was a different kind of vampire. He never killed anyone -- that I saw, anyway. And well, he wore a cool outfit.

Dalton's Dress:

Like Absalom, he wore a frilly-cuffed shirt with a vest over it. Like Absalom, he also had a beard and mustache. But unlike Absalom, he didn't have a Biblical way of speaking, or the aggression thing going for him. He was like, the Underdog of Vampires.

For more Vamp Dress Comparisons, see: Pork 'n' Beans Vamp, The Three, and The Gorch Brothers.

A Humanitarian-type Quote:

Dalton: "The Order of Turaka...I mean, isn't that overkill?"
Spike: "No, I think it's just enough kill." -- Upon learning that Spike's setting the deadly order of assassins on Buffy's trail. See? He's a good vampy.

If you're thinking I liked Dalton, the words of Xander, "you're not wrong."

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