Buffy and Giles. Lie To Me

Season 2, Episode 7 (Episode 19 of entire series)

A hard-hitting episode. An old friend of Buffy's arrives in town and things get a little crazy. This episode reveals that Angel sired Dru. Also features Giles and Jenny out on a date, and foreshadows the events of What's My Line parts I, II. Also marks the first time that Angel's invited into Willow's room.


Show opens with a playground scene at night. A little boy is waiting alone for his mom to come pick him up, and Drusilla suddenly approaches him. She tells him that she'll walk him home, but he declines. She goes a little nutty, starts singing a little song that her mummy used to sing to her, and then asks the little boy what his mom will sing when they find his body. He says he's not supposed to talk to people he doesn't know, and Dru begins to tell him that she's not a person. Angel appears, tells the kid to run home, and then he and Dru chat.

This is the first time we've seen these two have a conversation. Angel tells Dru that she and Spike should leave or things will "go badly for all of us." Dru reaches over to touch Angel's heart and says, "Your heart stinks of her" -- "her" being Buffy -- and she asks if Angel will hurt Buffy as he hurt her. Then she says that he can't hurt her anymore. Angel looks uncomfortable, and finally Dru leaves.

Angel doesn't know that Buffy witnessed him talking to Drusilla...and Buffy's got no idea who Drusilla is...yet. Cut to next day at school, Buffy's exchanging notes with Willow in class. She tells Willow she saw Angel talking to a pretty woman, and when Willow writes back "Vampire?", Buffy indicates that she doesn't think the chick was a vamp.

Xander and Willow in the lounge After class, Buffy's upset because she doesn't know what to make of the Angel-with-the-chick sitch --can't say I blame her-- and Willow tells Xander that Buffy saw Angel with a chick.

In the lounge area, the three are talking when Buffy's old friend Ford shows up. Buffy went to school with Ford back in LA, and he tells her that his dad was transferred here and that's why he's in Sunnydale, enrolling at Sunnydale High. Xander's bugged by Ford's appearance, but there's nothing new about that. Buffy invites Ford to meet them at the Bronze later.

At the Bronze, Willow, Xander, and Ford are playing pool when Buffy arrives. She goes to get a drink and runs into Angel at the bar. She's surprised to see that he drinks non-blood things. Rather than say something like, "I saw you last night with a strange chick" -- hey, I couldn't do that either, not my style -- she asks him what he did last night. He tells her that he didn't do anything. She disbelievingly says something like, "Nothing? You didn't do anything? What, you ceased to exist?" He modifies his answer, tells her that he stayed in, read. She knows he's lying to her, and that bugs her. So she goes back to the pool table, and has to introduce Angel to Ford. This is a pretty funny scene, mostly because of Xander's remarks.

Buffy and Ford leave the Bronze, and Angel asks Xander & Willow about Ford; he doesn't trust Ford. Willow invites Angel to play pool with them, but..stealth guy's already gone. Outside, Buffy hears some vampiric activity in the alley and sends Ford inside to get her purse so she can do some slaying. He returns to see her kill a vampire, and then he tells her he knows she's the Slayer, and that he knew back at Hemery, too. She's surprised. I'd be surprised, too.

Buffy calls Willow to tell her that Ford knows her identity, and they chat for a bit. Then when Willow hangs up, Angel appears. She invites him in --this'll be significant in Passion-- and Angel tells Willow he wants her to check Ford out. He talks a little about how he's been honing his brooding skills, and it's amusing. Anyway, Willow finds out that Ford's not registered at Sunnydale High, and Angel asks Willow not to tell Buffy that they're suspicious of Ford. She agrees, reluctantly. Next day at school, Buffy spies Willow and goes to talk to her.

Willow's nervous about lying to Buffy, and she acts all funky. Giles finds out that Ford knows of Buffy's Slayer Status, and later Buffy and Ford are scoping out the school grounds when they spy some vamps. Buffy goes to kill one, Ford handles the other..or so it seems. Turns out he doesn't kill the vamp, but instead spares its life since it gives him some info.

Later, Willow, Xander, and Angel go to inspect The Sunset Club, the only address they could trace to Ford. It turns out to be a club for people who worship vampires...the idealized version of vamps who don't harm people, that is. They don't yet know what Ford's planning, but they know that he's not to be trusted.

Meanwhile, Buffy's with Giles and Jenny Calendar at the school, discussing the vamps that she saw earlier. It's here that Buffy sees a photo of Drusilla and learns that she's the "sometime paramour" of Spike who was killed by an angry mob in Prague. She tells Giles that she saw Dru alive.

While they're chatting in the library, a vamp bursts out of Giles's office and is carrying a book. It knocks Giles into Buffy and they both tumble onto the floor. Buffy's wigged because it's the same vamp that Ford told her he dusted.

Later, Angel stops by Buffy's house and she learns of his history with Drusilla, and then she learns that Willow, Xander, and Angel went to check out Ford. Angel tells her that Ford's up to something. It's in this scene that Buffy confesses that she loves Angel, but doesn't know if she trusts him.

After the run-in at school, Ford goes to the Warehouse to meet Spike. Spike doesn't like him, but when he learns that Ford can hand him the Slayer, he gets a happy. He strikes a deal with Ford; in return for the Slayer, he'll change Ford into a vampire. It was Ford's idea. Nifty.

Next day at school, Ford approaches Buffy and asks her to meet him later for a surprise. She ends up going to The Sunset Club, discovers Ford's plan, and learns that Ford's dying of cancer. He believes his only recourse is to "die young and stay pretty." Buffy tries to convince him that he can't lead the vamp-lovers to their deaths, and when she's unsuccessful, she tries to warn everyone. It kinda reminded me of the whole Heaven's Gate thing, especially when she says, "This isn't the Mothership, people!"

Ford smacks her, the vamps arrive, there's a scuffle. Buffy grabs Dru and prepares to stake her, and Spike backs off. Everyone gets out, except for the vamps and Ford. Buffy slams the door on her way out..a significant move, because Ford's had the door specially rigged to only be opened from the outside. So basically there's no easy escape route for them. Ford gets bitten and changed, and Buffy stakes him in the cemetery. It just goes to show you that you can't trust guys named after cars...

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy staked a vamp in the alley behind the Bronze.
2. Buffy staked another vamp on school grounds.
3. Buffy held Drusilla at stake-point so Spike would cooperate and let everyone go.
4. Buffy locked the vampires inside of a factory-type warehouse place.
5. Buffy staked a vamp in the cemetery -- I think it was Ford.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. Angel sired Drusilla, but he drove her insane prior to that.
2. That Buffy had a crush on Ford when she was in the 5th grade.
3. Angel drinks things other than blood.
4. Jenny Calendar likes monster truck rallies.
5. Drinking coffee makes Willow really jittery.

An Amusing Exchange:

Ford: "Wow. Cold hands."
Xander: "You're not wrong."
-- Xander's two cents on Ford's remark to Angel.

Classic Angel:

Angel: "Things used to be pretty simple. Hundred years, just hanging out, feeling guilty. I really honed my brooding skills. Then she comes along." -- to Willow, about sometimes getting jealous when it comes to Buffy.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. The Bronze
3. Buffy's house
4. The Playground
5. The Cemetery
6. An alley, some streets
7. The Sunset Club (A warehouse/factory-place)
8. The Warehouse (Spike/Dru)
9. Willow's room

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Angel
7. Dru
8. Spike
9. Ford (aka Billy Fordham)
10. Chanterelle
11. Marvin (aka Diego)
12. Jenny Calendar

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