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The parthenon, ancient symbol of the triumph of Greek (Western) liberty over Persian (Eastern) despotism. Her marble columns holding court over the exhaust-filled plane of Attica

Under the outline of trees, in the shadow of the Akropolis is the agora, birthplace of democracy.

Unmatched as a frame of reference for the origin of the Western world, its feats and faults. 

Athens, from Likavittos to Piraeus

You can just make out ships in harbor beyond the ancient port of Piraeus.  Pireaus provides the opening scene for Plato's Republic (c400BCE)and Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek (1946).

The abode of Athena Parthenos, the virgin goddess of wisdom and war, patron goddess of Athens.  She brought the olive, and founded the law courts that lie on the hill (Areopagus) immediately beyond the parthenon as pictured.

Tripoli in the Peloponessos

An expression of the Greek and democratic ethos echoing through the millennia.


Playing cards; drinking Greek coffee, ouzo, beer, or retsina; talking about politics, women,  conspiracies,  and such -- Greek men while away the hours.

Greek men at their work
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