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Italy - along the coast








Porto Fino

Surprisingly lush, predictably dramatic, Porto Fino, rests along a gentle curve of the Italian Riviera.

It lies just outside of Genoa, birthplace of the heroic explorer Christophoro Colombo.  He first landed in Cuba.  He died believing he had discovered a new route to Marco Polo's China. 

Porto Fino along the Italian Riviera


Along with Brindisi and Ancona, Bari serves passengers traveling to or from neighboring Greece.  There is a strange quiet and peacefulness about Italy's ports. 



Long neighbors, there is a world of difference between Greece and Italy.   Ancient Rome is famous for its gladiatorial combats.  Ancient Greece is famous for its unparalleled theatric productions.  Greece is Orthodox; Italy, Catholic.  Greece remained under the yoke of the Ottoman Turks for 400 years and missed the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution.   While Greece is the home of democracy, Italy has hosted a string of emperors, popes, and a Mussolini.

The port of Bari

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