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updated 2 March 2000


Where's b?

Louisiana Zydeco Travelers!

ecrows love email!

It's just us purple crows in here. There should be room on the line for you. We were just havin' an Old Milwaukee's Best; hope you brought somethin' for yourself.

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Maceo! Can you take me to the bridge?! Surfin' to New Orleans
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What you will find here...

Surfin' to New Orleans is a nice resource for those interested in New Orleans Music.
It's only one page, but it's packed with links to online music, musicians,
clubs, tourist info and all the best from the crescent city.

Under travels, you will find photos from some of my travels.
Currently there are pages on Greece, Italy, Turkey, Nepal, and Prague.

Jouney to the East is my online travel log covering some of my travels in Asia.

Someday I hope to post a more thorough exhibit of my favorite
festivals in the American South. At the moment, however, there is only a handful of
photos from one of Louisiana's Zydeco festivals in Plaisance .

Lastly is a links page to various internet resources-
international news, museums, environment, Buddhism, etc.

I still consider this an experimental site; a timid first foray into this cyber sea of democracy.
I invite you to join me in hoping this web thing will become more than an electric vanity fair.

Give thanks and praises! It's...
The Bob Generator - A bneworlean's exclusive
Most people think great God will come from the sky,
Take away ev'rything, and make ev'rybody feel high.
But if you know what life is worth,
You would look for yours on earth.
And now you see the light,
You stand up for your right!
Now the rovin' gambler he was very bored
He was tryin' to create a next world war
He found a promoter who nearly fell off the floor
He said I never engaged in this kind of thing before
But yes I think it can be very easily done
We'll just put some bleachers out in the sun

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