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New Testament 2 Class Lecture Notes

Masada, Israel

Lecture 1: Look at the New Testment Map

Lecture 2: A Look at the New Testament World

Lecture 3: A Look at Matthew's Gospel

Lecture 4: A Look at Luke's Gospel

Lecture 5: A Look at the Synoptic Problem

Lecture 6: Matthew's Genealogy

Lecture 7: Luke's Genealogy

Lecture 8: Matthew's Incarnation

Lecture 9: Luke's Incarnation

Lecture 10: John the Baptist's Ministry

Lecture 11 Baptism and Temptations of Jesus

Lecture 12 Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5

Lecture 13 Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6

Lecture 14 Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 7

Lecture 15 Words of Jesus - Matthew 10

Lecture 16 Prodigal Son

Lecture 17 Parable of the Lost Sheep, Matthew 18

Lecture 18 Parable of the Sower

Lecture 19: Parables of Jesus

Lecture 20: The Great Confession

Lecture 21: The Transfiguration

Lecture 22: The Words of Jesus

Lecture 23: The Olivet Discourse part I

Lecture 24: The Olivet Discourse part II

Lecture 25: Preparation and Trial

Lecture 26: Crucifixion and Resurrection