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English Formal Conversational Cherokee
One sa-quu sa-quu A~
Two ta-li ta-l tl
Three tso-i tso 5i
Four nv-gi nv-g mf
Five hi-s-gi hi-s-g hsf
Six su-da-li su-da-l {cl
Seven ga-l-quo-gi ga-l-quo-g gl?f
Eight tsa-ne-la tsa-ne-l Epw
Nine so-ne-la so-ne-l Dpw
Ten s-go-hi s-go sqh
Eleven sa-du sa-du Aj
Twelve ta-l-du ta-l-du twj
Thirteen tso-ga-du tso-ga-du 5gj
Fourteen ni-ga-du ni-ga-du /gj
Fifteen s-gi-ga-du s-gi-ga-du sfgj
Sixteen da-la-du da-la-du cwj
Seventeen ga-l(i)-qua-du ga-l-qua-du glQj
Eighteen ne-la-du ne-la-du pwj
Nineteen so-ne-la-du so-ne-la-du Dpwj
Twenty ta-l-s-go-hi ta-l-s-go tlsq