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Cherokee Trees

English Formal Conversational Cherokee
Branch u-wa-n-ga-tlv u-wa-n-ga-tlv u\/g<i
Ripe u-wa-n-sv u-wa-n-sv u\m9
Redbud ga-lo-we-di ga-lo-we-d g]Pd
Elm da-wa-tsi-la da-wa-tsi-l c\Gw
Maple tlv-wa-l-ga tlv-wa-l-g <\lg
Hickory wa-ne-i wa-ne \pi
Hickory Nut so-hi so-hi Dh
White Oak tsu-s-ga tsu-s-g #sg
Red Oak a-da-ya a-da-ya acy
Black Jack no-da no-da \Zc
Cedar a-tsi-na a-tsi-n aGn
Locust Tree ka-lo-que-k-di ka-lo-que-k-d K]@fd