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English Formal Conversational Cherokee
Bread ga-du ga-du gj
Cornbread se-lu ga-du se-lu ga-du SM gj
Beans tu-ya tu-ya jy
Biscuits u-ni-tsa-le-s-di u-ni-tsa-le-s-d u/E >sd
Corn se-lu se-lu SM
Lettuce i-go-s-d a-gi-s-di i-go-s-d a-gi-s-d iqsc afsd
Egg u-we-tsi u-we-ts u PG
Eggs tsu-we-tsi tsu-we-ts #PG
Cucumber ga-gv-ma ga-gv-m gz%
Tomatoes du-ma-tli du-ma-tl j%C
Cream a-k-ta-tlv-da a-k-ta-tlv-d agc<c
Honey wa-du-li-si wa-du-li-s \jlR
Onion sv-gi sv-g ef
Sugar ka-l-se-tsi ka-l-se-ts KlSG
Cake u-ga-na-s-da u-ga-na-s-d ugnsc
Salt a-ma a-m a%
Water a-ma a-m a%
Pie ge-li-s-gi ge-li-s-g blsf
Coffee ka-wi ka-w KW
Beef wa-ga ha-wi-ya wa-g ha-wi-ya \g UWy
Pork si-qua ha-wi-ya si-qua ha-wi-ya RQ UWy
Candy ka-l-se-tsi ka-l-se-ts KlSG
Food a-l-s-da-di a-l-s-da-di alscd
Potatoes nu-na nu-n 0n