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Telling Time

In Cherokee

English Formal Conversational Cherokee
It is 5 o'clock hi-s-gi a-tli-i-li hi-s-g a-tli-i-l hsf aCil
It is 7 o'clock ga-li-guo-gi a-tli-i-li ga-l-quo-g a-tli-i-l gl?f aCil
It is 1:30 sa-quu a-ye-tli a-tli-i-li sa-quu a-ye-tl a-tli-i-l A- aBC aCil

Note: The brackets ( ) indicate that there is a syllable that is omitted in the phrase.


It's 1:40
nv-g(i) s-go-(hi) i-yu-ta-wo-s-ta-hnv u-lo-sv-s-d(i) sa-quu

mfsqh i=tOstm u]9sd A~


It's 5 minutes before 6
hi-s-g(i) i-yu-ta-wo-s-ta-hnv u-da-lu-l(a) su-da-l(i)

hsf i=tOstm ucMw {cl


It's 5 minutes past 6
hi-s-g(i) i-yu-ta-wo-s-ta-hnv u-lo-sv-s-d(i) su-da-l(i)
hsf i=tOstm u]9sd {cl



"Other Telling Time

Words & Phrases"

English Formal Conversational Cherokee
What time is it? hi-la-yv a-tli-i-li hi-la-yv a-tli-i-l hwx aCil
Day i-ga i-g ig
Today ko-hi-i-ga ko-hi-i-g qhig
Morning sv-na-le-i sv-na-le 9n>i
Night u-sv u-sv u9
Tonight ko-hi-u-sv ko-u-sv qhu9
Before u-da-lu-la u-da-lu-l ucMw
Past u-lo-sv-s-di u-lo-sv-s-d u]9sd
Minutes i-yu-ta-wo-s-ta-hnv yu-ta-wo-s-ta-hnv i=tOstm
Evening sv-hi-ye-yi sv-hi-ye 9hB|