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Projectsp r o j e c t s

The up-to-date dish on BIG upcoming games!


"Population: Zero"

You've heard talk about it, but I can't give you much more information. Here's the basics, though.

It's a 2D action game with an apocalyptic mood. Along the way, you will have to fight various things (I'm not telling you what) to get on your way. It might also have some SoundBlaster music. As I said earlier, there will be some destructions of landmarks. At the end of the game a VERY famous icon will be destroyed. You'll have to see it. I'm trying to make this the "Godzilla" of all games, but not with a profit of only $10 million. For even more info, visit the game's web site at


This project has been on hold a LONG time. I might finish it this year, but time will tell. Since I had worked on that and games like it almost exclusively, I kind of got bored with the whole project. You know the feeling. But, thankfully, I am almost done. See the blurred screenshot (and a phony story to go with it) HERE.

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"Unibrow 2: Umaar and the Aliens"

Few have played the first Unibrow, but the prequel will be all that and more! The prequel will actually have a challenge to it, rather than just walking through a school or parking lot with the option to shoot an annoying classmate. In this game, Umaar, our Pakistani hero, has to save his school from a race of malevolent alien beings!


After Pop Zero is done, I will get finished on this shelved game. REALLY! I will!

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"Holo² "

The sequel to Holocaust, my first graphical game, is going to come out about a year after the first one. Here's the story. Nuclear weapons are again stolen from a facility; those terrorists are at it again. You will have to fight in an overhead world with animated blood, and hopefully some GIFs as well.


I've actually been working on this. Ok, the engine will not be "3D" as originally planned, since the original came out so bad. Rather, it's an 3/4 overhead view with a lot of routines and effects never before seen in any of my games. When will this game be done? Well, I'm almost through with the engine (though it's on hold) and I just have to make the levels. Maybe next year the very least.

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