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"Population: Zero" Screenshot?

Let me tell you all about something that happened last weekend. As you might know, I am working on Population: Zero, my game which has been shrouded by secrecy for over a year. Plot, story, nary a screenshot came up. Well, evidently, it drove one man insane.

On Saturday I was working on this such game, in the dark and with the curtains shut. I made sure my typing was quiet. The door was shut, but I had forgot to lock it. This was a pretty big mistake.

I heard a crash. It seems that someone had thrown something through the living room window and shattered it. Someone had broken in. "Take whatever you want," I said to myself. "Just don't come in here...I haven't saved my program yet!" I thought that the burglar had probably taken a weapon with him, so I kept still and quiet. After looking at all the other rooms, I heard footsteps coming toward my room. I wanted to shut my monitor off, but I was frozen. A foot slammed my door and it swung open. There stood a camoflaged man with a huge utility belt and large black boots. He had something in his was a camera! Just as I feared! I attacked right when I heard the shutter snap. I stood over the dead body knowing I had protected my most valuable possession - "Population: Zero."

When I had the film privately developed this is what I saw. The only shot on an otherwise blank roll of film. I scanned it right after I got home and destroyed the photo along with the negative. Reluctantly, I posted it on this site in honor of that fallen soldier. He gave his life for this picture, and it deserves to be finally shown. If you have the image enhanced digitally, you will see me hitting the spy with my keyboard on the reflection of the monitor.
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