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Here you will find some good links to some great pages!


The pages are rated from one to five stars, five being the best.
And, like it or not, these links will open a new browser window for you.

-- This site's name says it all. It gets about a thousand hits a day. And if you don't know what it is, you must be on Jupiter or something.

-- This site is too good to pass up. It's easy to use and informative, so please check it out!

Spiege's QBasic Site
-- This webpage has nearly everything, with contests, tutorials, links, and over 30 downloads. Visit it!

Ultimate Software
-- A great site that is still under construction. This is another personal homepage that deserves to be visited!

M / K Productions Website
-- A good site with some incredible downloads. The problem is that it's never updated. still alive?

The QBasic Shack
-- Owned by the guy partly responsible for making Truckin' USA, this site is under heavy construction but is very entertaining.

Ruler of Ronark
-- This page is devoted to a cool (and big) RPG in the making. Download a demo now!

The Qbasic Qorner
-- This is a pretty darn good site with great downloads!

The QBasic Station
-- This page is almost as good as QBASIC.COM, with tons of games, links, and other cool stuff!

KeiProductions Online
-- This awesome site is made by a real QBasic perfectionist, and is a favorite among many programmers. Check it out!

Robert Benjamin's QBasic Page
-- This page is standing in heavy construction, but you can download a really great weather program!

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