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The section where I let YOU write a program!


The BIG Contest

The BIG contest is actually not all that hard. Take my dead game, Hell-I-Chopper, and make it into a spectacular shooter. The game is already half done, so it won't take very long. If you are the winner, I will post the game on QBasic Central, giving you all the credit!

Contest #1

Create a very cool screensaver using only PSETs. Anything goes, but you must use PSETs for all the graphics. No cheating! Complete the challenge and your proggie will be on this page!

Contest #2

Try to make a Nintendo game in QBasic. I know no one will ever attempt to do something like this, but give it a try! It can be ANY Nintendo game, and if you make one it will be on this site.

Contest #3

Make a NASA Space Shuttle launch in QBasic. Sound stupid? Really, just make a Space Shuttle drawing and a countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, lift off! The best one I see will be on QBasic Central. See, it's not such a bad idea!

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