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If you want to e-mail me, click on the mailbox below. QBasic Central welcomes any program submissions, but they have to be fairly small, under 100 KB zipped is appreciated. If you wish to make them EXE files, that is also welcome, just make sure they're smaller than 100 KB. I welcome all games to the site, whether they be arcade, classic, strategy, text-based, puzzle or educational, they can be submitted to me. Graphics demos, sound players, GIF and JPEG loaders are also fine, but there's no guarantee that they will be posted here.

If you have a nifty web site for me about QB or QBasic, you can e-mail me with the URL and a description of the site. I will review them for the links page.

Thanks for all your e-mail and help! Click the mailbox to e-mail me!

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