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The answers to your most common questions about me and the rest of the QBasic programming world.

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Should I be reading this?

If you often find yourself hitting F5 or Ctrl+Break in Windows, or you accidentally type an IF...THEN statement in your URL address box, then open your eyes, my friend, you're a QBFan. If not, and you're wondering "why would you be pressing F5 in the first place," then you should scroll down for the FAQ. Enjoy!

What is QBasic?

QBasic is a programming language, one of the firsts. QuickBasic (QB) was published by Mircosoft in the early 80's. Then, in 1987, QBasic version 1.1 was released. QBasic came with DOS and Windows 3.1 so literally everyone had access to it.

Why program on QBasic?

The QBasic language is the most simple, easiest, and funnest language to use, because it is very quick. No compiling, no sorting through errors. Press F5 and you're on your way! And if there's an error, QBasic will tell you exactly where it is, and not a line approximation. It can do graphics, sound, and equations easily.

I don't think I have QBasic!

Lucky for you, I can tell you where. Here it is, olddos.exe. It also comes with a long line of old utilities for DOS.

What's this I've been hearing about a QB 4.5?

It's one of the later versions of QuickBasic and was sold for about $80 in software stores. Very hard to find for sale today, but lots of people pass it around on the net. But be warned: downloading QB 4.5 as freeware is illegal, and I am not going to give it out.

Hey, I have a cool game that you might want to post here!

That's great, send it to me and I'll look at it. I will get back to you and I will tell you if it's good enough to put on my site.

I have a website about QBasic too!

So you want to get on the links page? Just give me the URL and I'll get cracking. I'll try and look at every URL I recieve. question isn't here!

Didn't you notice the Feedback button at the top? Yes, I don't get too much mail so I should be able to answer your question(s).

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