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Who are you, and why are you doing this page?

My name is Leif Starbuck, and I live in a small hick town on the Great Plains. Don't have an accent yet but I know people who do! I got started with QBasic in early 1997, the time when FOR...NEXT loops were confusing to me. I tried to make my first game in December of that year, Holocaust. There were stack problems and it ran WAAAAY too fast on Pentiums.

My second real game was The Great Unibrow, in January 1998. It was a 2D game that ran okay, and was packed with a ton of humor, but there was no challenge to it at all! It was about a British kid trying to save humanity.

After that I experimented and experimented and finally came up with a game idea...Duel! It was a two-player game I made but it was HAARD to control, and many gave up before they got the controls down pat.

Duel 2 was finished a while ago, and it had a lot more options and stuff since the original. Duel 2 is still one of my best.

After Duel 2, I got a lot of compliments. But I was tired of making Duel games, so I resorted to a similar field. A pong clone. Poing was a pong game with speed control and one to ten point matches. Classic fun.

The next project was to make a slot machine game. After arriving in Las Vegas, I decided that there hasn't been very many QBasic gambling games. So, while in Las Vegas, I actually took notes on the gaming rules, the order of the symbols on the wheels, and the look and design of the machine. I did this for the authenticity of the game. The result was a slot machine that was so realistic, people actually screamed in excitement when they won something. Okay, whatever! The game was called Casino Royale.

I needed another download on the page, so I went back to one of my older games, Black Dog. Now after seeing the Universal picture "Black Dog", my friends Sean Carlile and Graham Johnson (whom I hate now) decided to make a game. We originally decided on over six levels, but after making the first, it was hard to imagine more work. We couldn't get the game to compile like we orginally hoped, so we put the game on the shelf for a while. When my site came about, I thought I could make the one level into a Black Dog game. I asked Universal Studios for permission to use the storyline, but they denied use. So I renamed it, added credits, deleted the Black Dog story, and came up with Truckin' USA by Marak. It's still cool.

I'm doing this page because I want to keep QB alive, and because I want to show off some of my work!

How many games have you done?

Seven major games, and about ten games that never got finished.

Why do you give your games out for free? You could make a lot of money selling them!

No, I wouldn't.

I've heard about your "techno-rage"...What's your problem? Computers don't have minds of their own!

Yes, sometimes I get VERY frustrated when something goes wrong with a program! it's a good thing my desk is against a wall or this computer would have been pushed on the floor long ago.

What's SSP Productions?

It's my "company". It's only me, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

Who made the pictures on this page?

I did, with my own two hands. I'm a perfectionist.

I noticed some spelling errors, you moron!

Oh, surry, I suppoze pruvideing u wit free linx, tutoreals, and gaymes isn't enuff. U just hav too git all wirked up over grammer! Git a life, dweeb!

What kind of computer are you using?

Nothing special, but it gets the job done. I'm using a 486 PC. Yes, a 486 DX2 with 16 megs of RAM. This is why some of the games seem fast on Pentiums. If your Pentium has a turbo button, turn it to the off position.

What are your hobbies?

I have plenty! Travelling is one, I like to travel. A while back I started with metal detecting and video games, and I'm still into that stuff. I went to Cedar Point last summer and got into I built a rollercoaster page. No one visited that site, my password got lost and I hate GeoCities anyways. Recently I got into the world of ham radio. I am a Tech Plus and hope to upgrade to General...but I have to learn morse code at 13 words a minute (I have already passed a 5 WPM test). And of course, if you haven't guessed, another one is making games on QBasic.