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Egyptian Religion
The Religion of Ancient Egypt permeated every part of life.  There was no science to explain simple concepts of nature.  The rising of the sun was not explainable by a model of the solar system and they had no idea the Earth itself was turning.  The lack of scientific facts allowed mythology to develop and a religion based on the explanation of nature to form. For example, a god sailed across the sky as the sun, the Nile river flooded because the gods sent the water.  The Egyptian religion was mostly concerned with The Biggest Question of All; The Afterlife.

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The Afterlife

The Gods of Ancient Egypt were many.  There was a god or goddess for every part of existence.  The most important of the gods are described below.
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Ptah Osiris Isis Seth

Anubis Horus Ma'at Thoth

Hathor Khnum Nephthys Ammut

Re Sobek Sekhmet

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