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Ancient Egypt
King Tut's Burial MaskThe Land of the Pharoahs

Canopic JarsCanopic JarsClick the Picture!!
The Exploration of the Afterlife
In ancient Egypt, life revolved around two things, the Nile River, and the afterlife of the Pharoah.  All things Egyptian can be placed in one category or another, and often in both.

Some Key Vocabulary
Silt                 - Mud was deposited on the river banks
Upper Egypt   - The Southern Part of Egypt
Lower Egypt   - The Northern Part of Egypt
Ma'at              - The Goddess of Balance and Peace
Ka                  - The "double" of a person (quite similar to the soul)
Ba                  - The personality portion of a person (often represented as a bird)
Pharoah          - The divine king of Egypt (Both god and human)
Monotheism    - The worship of one god (Egyptians followed this system briefly)
Polytheism      - The worship of many gods (Egypt's historical religion of choice)
Duat               - The Egyptian underworld which Ra travelled through nightly

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