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Osiris: King of the Dead
Osiris, according to Egyptian mythology, Osiris was once a Pharaoh on Earth.  He was ruler of the Egyptian people for many years.  He was married to his sister Isis.  She and Osiris ruled in peace and Egypt was a great land, but their brother Seth was unhappy with his position and dreamed of being Pharaoh himself.  He schemed against his siblings and tried to get rid of Osiris many times.  Here is a story of this brotherly feud.

How Osiris Became the God of the Dead

When Osiris was Pharaoh, Seth was jealous of his brother's power.  Seth felt that he had the skills and abilities to rule just as well, if not better than, his older brother..  Seth began to put a plan into action to gain the throne.  He and some of his supporters decided to get rid of Osiris.  They schemed to throw a party in the  honor of Osiris, during which they would kill him.

 When the party gathered together, Seth presented a fine gift to Osiris.  This was a long, wooden box that was very decorated and gilded with gold.  Osiris was led to the gift and told that it was a peace offering to him.  Seth was so excited to give it to Osiris that he could hardly wait for him to try it out.  He told Osiris that he simply must get into the box to see how comfortable it was.

Just as soon as Osiris was inside the box, Seth and his friends quickly nailed it shut and sent it down the Nile river, never to be seen again.  Victorious in their coup, the party continued.  They denied they knew what happened to Osiris when others came to look for him.

Soon, though, Isis began to suspect what had happened. She gathered her friends and supporters to go in search of the Pharaoh.  When the coffin was finally found, Osiris was alive, but not in the best of health.  He and Isis would have words to share with Seth when they saw him again.

When Isis and Osiris approached Seth about the incident, Seth had no intentions to take his punishment quietly.  He attacked the weakened Osiris as soon as he saw him.  Osiris was dismembered, and all of his parts were thrown into the Nile.  Once again, Seth had used his strength to be rid of his older brother.

Thoth and Isis found the pieces of Osiris' body and were distressed with the turn of events.  She called upon Anubis, the jackal headed god, to help find a way to revive Osiris.  Anubis made Osiris into the first mummy.  He wrapped all of the parts together using linen and embalmed the organs in jars to preserve them.  Anubis had saved Osiris to become the god of the Dead.  Since all plants grow from under the ground, he also became the god of agriculture.  It is Osiris who judges the Ka as it approaches his throne in the afterlife.  It is Osiris that each Pharaoh becomes when he passes into the afterlife.

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