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Well After a long break the KoV is back in the mix. We are looking for members right now and would be glad to talk to anyone in game or via E-mail. I am also looking for one or two good people to help me run KoV as i am gone on trips alot and would need someone to pick up the slack while im away. So take a look around if ya see what you like apply for membership and also talk directly to me(TmS) in heros gate if you would like to be selected for membership or even as one of the leaders im currently looking for!
As always we would like to welcome all of our new members to our "Order." It has been brought to our attention (by Jarred) that a cabal is "a small group of people secretly united to advance themselves or their aims by scheming." I was unaware that the term cabal (that sanctum uses to describe player groups in there game) has such a negative meaning. This is not what we stand for and will no longer use such a title to describe our group. Thanks to the suggestions of Jarred I feel that "Order" is a much more appropriate title. If you are interested in reading his very provocative essay on this topic i suggest you check out the message board. I love the way things are going in our order, and hope everyone keeps up the great work!

First of all a big KoV welcome to our newest members Lordraiden, TXC, and Donga. We are growing fast but we need your help recruiting new novices so that we may grow in size and be able to host tourneys and other special in-cabal events. Feel free to e-mail me with any input or ideas.


Firstly The Dragon Knights would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members iTernalKnight, LordDarkside, and TheHustler.  
Also Today I (TmS)had the honor of particapating in the official DA life/nature Tourney. . After several hard fought victories against superb competition I managed a 3rd place finish.  . I look forward to seeing more of our members participate in the official tourneys in the future.   The top four finishers were:
  • 1st lookslikebull
  • 2nd Mobboss
  • 3rdTmS
  • 4th Grok
  • 2-8-99 

    Today our Cabal is founded!   Applications are now being accepted for members to Sanctum's newest and soon to be best cabal!  Check back soon for news of our first tourney!