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The Knights of Virture live and die by the Eight Virtues. All members, from Novice to Dragon Knight, must aspire to follow these guidelines, both in battle and in the realm's everyday interaction. The following explains how each of the Virtues may be displayed in your sanctum gaming experience:

1. Honesty: Be honest with those around you and the light of Truth will illuminate thy path. Remember that when a person lies, he murders some part of the world.

2. Compassion: Showing mercy to thy enemy and chartity to the less experienced define this Virtue. The Knights strive to make sanctum an enjoyable game for all both veteran player and novice and only through Compassion can this be accomplished.

3. Sacrifice: No person desires the indignity of begging assistance from another, and Compassion dictates that we show mercy on those who do. Give of thyself and thy wisdom, The time you spend helping those less experienced than you, is time well spent.  As the old saying says: "If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime."

4. Valor: Valor is not a blind pursuit of glory, rather the courage of thy convictions. Fear not in battle, for the righteous will prevail. Fear not the risks you take, for without it our people can never achieve greatness. In the face of adversity, stand for that which is right and thy Valor will give you strength to prevail over all.

5. Justice: Justice must always be tempered by love of thy fellow man, and cannot be dispensed with a vengeful heart. Though evil must be eliminated, that cannot be accomplished with a reign of terror. However, we realize that certain circumstances may dictate immediate action, and we, as  Knights, will take that action when called upon. Above all else, remember that the law applies to all, else it means nothing.

6. Spirituality: Each person must come to terms with their own higher power, so there can be no strict guidelines as to Spirituality. But because we share a common belief in the Virtues, we hope  that all members will will take the time to clear thy mind of anger and ill will towards fellow players before speaking out of anger, and know that something greater than thyself came before and will continue long after.

7. Humility: Though a man may possess superior strength or intelligence, no man is truly greater than another. Even a novice may be noble in his own way, more noble than the greatest of  Knights. And through Humility, we learn not to overestimate ourselves and underestimate our foes  in battle. Pride has destroyed many great people in the past, allow it into your heart and it may destroy you as well.

8. Honor: Which is the greater achievement, to be known as a great warrior or as a man of honor?   The Knights of Virtue choose the latter. To live by this chivalric code, to display honor amongst the  honorless is by far the more difficult and more noteworthy. Honor is shown in the compassionate  execution of justice, in sacrificing of thyself for a soul in need, through honesty with thyself and those around you, and through humility of thy own valor. Honor is all-encompasing and the binding force which brings a  person to the path of Virtue. Power is not worthy of respect, Honor is.

In the end, our Code is simple. In any possible action, one must only ask of thyself, "Is this the Virtuous thing to do?" Any person not guided by true evil will know the answer.