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Information on Joining KoV

So you've read our code of virtues and think that you might like to join our cabal? You've come to the right place.

Step 1:  E-mail us ( with the following information:  name, sanctum id,  e-mail address you wish us to contact you at, age, favorite deck, and a short paragraph or two stating why you think you would be a good candidate for membership.

Step 2:  One of the Dragon Knights will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your application, and entrance to our guild.

Step 3:  If all goes well, and you are deemed an acceptable applicant you will become a member of our cabal at the "Novice" Level.  See our ranking and advancement section to see how you can advance in the ranks of the KoV.

Step 4:  Get involved, have fun, and help withold the virtues!