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Prospecto Arts

Prospecto Arts. Balance.

Prospecto Arts. Balance.
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FredPeterson, The Mighty Warlord

nVd (Nevermind)

DTF:6 (Delta Task Force: Team 6

Las Aventuras de Weepaman y Weepito

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Prospecto Arts, it's all about balance and fluidity.


Welcome to the Prospecto Arts section! This section is dedicated to my studio of comic books/novels/songs! More than just a "studio", this is my form of release, another extension of my personality. Something I do, as the tagline says, to create balance in my life. And hopefully, help create balance of other peoples lives as well in a different way.

I guess that's why I'm so focused to deliver titles that are almost lightyears apart from what the other is. From the herics and epic battles of Fred Peterson, The Mighty Warlord to the more introspective auto-bio nVd to the just plain wacky Weepaman and Weepito. All of them very much different, yet all very me, as well in one way or the other.

This is something I've been doing with my best friend ALfred Gomez since 8th grade. So yeah, technically, Prospecto Arts is 12 years old. Why have I been doing this for so long? Passion. Passion for a medium that I love so much. A medium that I want to use to express my artistic freedom. To honestly express myself. And to help others find their own voice and their own way to express themselves as well. If at the end of the day, someone can look at something I did, and leave them saying "wow, that was entertaining and made me forget about my problems at least for a few minutes", or "man, I feel like I want to create my own vision of the world and make something myself", I know that thank God I did something right, then.

So, in essence, that is what Prospecto Arts is. Something very selfish of my part. Something that belongs to everyone as well at the same time. Something that invites you to visit my world, my very soul at times, yet, also invites you to try and create your own world as well with your own personalty and uniqueness that makes you YOU. Like the saying goes, "forget the freak, you're just nature".

At the end of the day, the only mission behind this vision of mines, is to do the best damn products that I can do, for myself. For all of you. For balance. To achieve the feeling of having done something and not waste away these talents I've been blessed with. To not be left with the feeling of "what if?" or "I should've". To explore my thoughts and what really is out there or isn't. A journey of discovery that I embarc on every single thing I do, and I do hope that you may want to tag along with me and maybe discover a few things yourself.

I'll now leave you in peace so you can keep browsing around either here or any other place you wish, take care, God bless, and remember, in life, everything has to have balance......