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Welcome to my world =)

Welcome to my World =)
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Enter the.....dangerzone...again!

It's almost the 10 year anniversary of my site! New stuff coming soon...

There are MANY things in store for the studio, as well as mayor revamps, this is a VERY exciting time for me =)

Prospecto Arts Blog-

Prospecto Arts. Balance.
Fred Petesron, The Mighty Warlord
Now Playing: Chapter 19- You try to fill some loneliness 'till all your hearts' spilled over....
Now Playing: Episode 1- "Entre tu y yo se abrio una nueva puerta, y alguien, sin rostro aun, alli nos esperaba..."
Alfred Gomez's Clown
Now Playing: Chapter 1- This unfamiliar feeling....
The Mysterious Exorcist
Now Playing: Good Night, San Juan
Now Playing: Season 4
The Cannon Girl
Now Playing: Layer: 02
Las Aventuras de Weepaman y Weepito
Now Playing: Primera Temporada

||| Titles||| Enter The Dangerzone ||| DeviantArt||||| FORUM ||| ||| YouTube Channel ||| ||| Poetry ||| ||| LINKS (Soon) |||Store|||