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Group Bowling Photo's

Here are photos taken of our King Of Pop Fanatics group bowling bash on September 25th 1999. We are only supposed to have one group activity per month, but, due to the fun we all had at Hard Rock, we all decided to get-together again the next week to go bowling!

*Please be patient as it takes a few moments for the pictures to load*

Group Shot

Standing from left to right: Guy, Lissette, Sheree, Donna, Eddie, Elen, Susan, Agnes, Agnes'es mom. Seated are: Nuria, Brian, Heather & BJ.

Smiling Though We Hate The Shoes! *LOL*

Sheree & Donna trying to strike a smiling pose in those UGLY bowling shoes! *LOL*

And The Winner Is...

Eddie handing BJ a HIStory tour backstage pass that he won for second highest score.

I Won!!!!

Richard showing his prize for winning highest score...SHOW OFF! *LOL*

Comparing Scores

Candid shot of the group comparing scores!

Why Is Everyone Staring At Me?

Eddie relaxing with the rest of the group at Denny's after bowling.

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