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40th MJ Birthday Celebration

Here are photos taken at the 41 Years Of MAGIC Birthday Celebration. On August 28th, The King Of Pop Fanatics & Magic fan club, hosted a birthday celebration in honor of Michaels 41st birthday. It was held in Solvang, California...near Santa Ynez. We also went to the gates of Neverland to sing "Happy Birthday Michael", present presents, release balloons, and to eat birthday cake! It was a BLAST!!! We cant wait until we host next years party!!! For those of you who didnt attend, the pictures below are only a hint of how much fun we all had!! Enjoy!

*Please be patient as it takes a few moments for the pictures to load*

Mary, Donna & Liz

From left to right: Mary Carr, Donna Green, & Liz Sneed. Mary & Liz are the co-presidents of, MAGIC magazine and fan club. And of course, Im, (Donna), the leader of the King Of Pop Fanatics California fan group! I presented Magic with the ideas & concept for the birthday celebration and together we hosted the party.

Enjoying The Party!

From left to right are: Brian, BJ, Rebecca, & Heather enjoying themseleves at the party after dinner.

Michael's Birthday Cake!

This is the birthday cake made especially for the celebration! The picture of Michael was edible and was saved and given to the guards at Neverland!!

Parade Of Cars!

During the celebration we all left for a while and piled in our cars and drove to the gates of Neverland!We had a parade of cars! On our way through the town of Los Olivos, all the cars honked their horns in honor of MJ's birthday!! Im sure the small, quiet town just loved us for that...LOL!!!

Sign On Car

Special signs were made celebrating Michaels birthday. The signs were put on both sides of each car that caravand with us! We wanted the world to know that it was Michaels birthday and that we love him very much!!!!

Group At Gate!

This is our group in front of the gates of Neverland holding special banners that I made for the occassion. After this picture was taken 40 ballons were released into the for each year of Michaels age!!! It was a special day that will forever remain in the hearts of all who attended!!

Hard Rock Pictures

Group Bowling Pictures

Group BBQ Pictures

Solvang/Neverland Pictures

Planet Hollywood Pictures