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Hard Rock Photos

Here are photos taken of our King Of Pop Fanatics group members at our get-together dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles on September 18th, 1999.

*Please be patient as it takes a few moments for the pictures to load*

Group Shot

Standing from left to right: Elen, Susan, Brian, Sheree, Agnes, Lissette, Sarah & Lindsey. Seated are: Arsen, Donna, Eddie & Heather.

Clowning Around

Here is BJ pretending to ...ahemmmm....pick his nose for us! LOL! Seated next to him are Lindsey & Sarah. Seated across from him are Lissette & Agnes.

Saluting our King!

This is me,(Donna Green), on the left, with Sheree Wilkins holding a banner I made for our group.

Having A Good Time

From left to right: Lissette, Lindsey, Sarah, Brian & Susan.

Hey, Wheres The Food??

Waiting for their food are (From left to right): Elen, Nuria, Sheree & Heather.

Pretending To Be MJ!

This is BJ covering his face, pretending to be MJ!*LOL* From left to right are: Arsen, Eddie, Heather & BJ.

Another Group Shot

This is another group shot taken after dinner. From left to right are: Lissette, Nuria, Agnes, Arsen, Heather, Brian, Donna, Eddie, Elen, Sarah, Lindsey, Susan & Sheree.

Group At MJ's Star!

After our dinner at Hard Rock we all went to MJ's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Hollywood!

Paying Tribute To MJ!

This is Eddie Moss laying on MJ's star!

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