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National Association of Postal Supervisors
NAPS Branch 34
Serving the Northern Illinois District



Name Title Zip+4
Adams, BE Address Management Specialist 60199-9321
Antonelli, SW Information Systems Specialist 60199-9502
Bailey, VM Information Systems Coordinator 60199-9502
Bauer, JH Human Resources Specialist 60199-9445
Becker, CA AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Behnke, JH Labor Relations Specialist 60199-9402
Briggs, RO Telecommunications Specialist 60199-9502
Buczkowski, M Supervisor Vehicle Maintenance Facility 60199-9721
Butcher, CA A/Operations Programs Analyst 60117-5090
Bzdelik, CA Manager Consumer Affairs 60199-9631
Colao, TF Information Systems 60199-9502
Cuevas, E    
Delvecchio, KT Express Mail 60199-9604
Dlask, JV AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Dobson JR, TJ Examinations Coordinator 60199-9426
Endean, GM Finance 60199-9511
Franklin, TM Manager Central Forwarding Systems 60199-9703
Fuechtmann, MB Labor Relations Specialist 60199-9402
Gaby, CG Mailpiece Design Analyst 60199-9661
Grant, MK Senior EEO Specialist 60199-9411
Heimdal, WJ Expedited Services Specialist 60199-9604
Hendrix, TM Budget/Finance Analyst 60199-9522
Hobson, VL OPS Specialist 60199-9331
Howard, K Manager, Vehicle Maintenance Facility 60199-9721
Hughes, ME Human Resources Associate 60199-9445
Jackson, LA Human Resources Specialist 60199-9441
Joseph, MM Postal Systems Coordinator 60199-9531
Kelly, CR Labor Relations Specialist 60199-9402
Kidd-Fiebiger, SM Supervisor Vehicle Maintenance Facility 60199-9721
Klein, R A/Function 4 Coordinator 60199-9331
Koehler, TV Delivery & Retail Analyst 60199-9331
Kokosinski, J Finance 60199-9511
Kornacki, GJ Customer Service Analyst 60199-9334
Langston, D Marketing Manager 60199-9996
Lipscomb, HM Human Resources Associate 60199-9403
Longo, FG Postal Systems Coordinator 60199-9531
Lopez, G Manager Injury Compensation 60199-9445
Majka, JM Labor Relations Specialist 60199-9402
McFadden, NM AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Michalovic, TK Revenue Assurance Specialist 60199-9531
Mills, TM Senior Training Specialist 60199-9429
Moore, DW Injury Compensation 60199-9445
Myers, BJ Statistics 60199-9520
Norcross, MO Customer Service Analyst 60199-9331
Nowinski, BR AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Oliver, JL Customer Service Analyst 60199-9334
Padgett, JC    
Payne, WJ Material Management 60199-9123
Perchorowicz, AB Manager, Post Office Operations 60199-9992
Pierce, DM AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Randall, PA AMS/AIS Specialist 60199-9321
Rhodes, EM Supervisor Central Forwarding Systems 60095-9703
Schwartz, CM    
Slavik, KA Customer Service Analyst 60199-9334
Smith, RW Budget/Finance Analyst 60199-9522
Spearman, RL Human Resources Specialist 60199-9429
Swalve, SL AMS Specialist 60199-9321
Taylor, EL Supervisor Central Forwarding Systems 60199-9703
Tisdell, ML EEO Counselor 60199-9411
Turquois, JA Customer Service Analyst 60199-9334
Van Schindel, JT Manager, Delivery & Customer Service 60199-9331
Vazquez, LC AMS Specialist 60199-9321
Walton, RA Human Resources Specialist 60199-9429
Webb, JL Manager, Information Systems 60199-9501
Williams, E EEO Counselor 60199-9411
Wilson, V Quality Improvement Specialist 60199-9361
Woloszyk, DM Operations Programs Analyst 60117-5090
Wolski, MA Human Resource Specialist 60199-9425

Members denoted with * are not receiving "The Postal Supervisor" magazine.  
Please contact a branch officer to send your correct address to NAPS headquarters.




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