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Be SunSmart - catch fish not skin cancer


Recreational fishing is great fun, but skin cancer isn't. Unfortunately, fishing not only exposes you to direct ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun, but also reflected UVR from the water and other surroundings. It is now well known that cumulative sun exposure increases the risk of  developing skin cancer and various eye conditions, such as cataracts. UVR has nothing to do with heat, so don't be fooled into believing sun protection is unnecessary when fishing in cool, cloudy conditions, as UVR will easily pass through cloud cover.


Being SunSmart when you are fishing is simple. The Cancer Foundation recommends the best way to reduce sun exposure when fishing is to:


*     Avoid peak UVR hours of the day (between 10am and 3pm).

*     Wear sun protective Clothing such as:

    *     A long-sleeved, high-necked or collared shirt

    *     Trousers or longer length shorts

    *     A broad brimmed hat or legionnaire-style cap

    *     Close fitting polarised sunglasses

    *     Fingerless driving gloves to cover the backs of your hands.

*     Wear sunscreen.


Sunscreen is a must when fishing


The Cancer Foundation recommends applying a broad spectrum, water-resistant SPF 30+ sunscreen 15 minutes before going out in the sun. It is very important to reapply sunscreen thickly at least every two hours - don't forget your face, ears, neck, and the backs of your hands and the tops of your feet. To avoid getting sunscreen on your bait (from your hands), choose a roll-on sunscreen for easy application. Store your sunscreen out of the sun, below 30degrees Celsius.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

Early detection and treatment of skin cancer leads to a cure in over 95 percent of cases.

Get all skin irregularities checked immediately by a doctor.