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July 18-July 23 Tour of Washington, DC
July 23-August 1 Jamboree @ Fort A.P. Hill, VA

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2001 National Scout Jamboree
Equipment Needs


Personal Equipment Scouts and Leaders
Activities Uniform Travel Uniform
Proper Uniforming Official Neckerchiefs and Emblems
Required Personal Camping Equipment Optional Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment

The national jamboree committee is anxious to reduce excessive expenditure for jamboree uniforms. Those specified here are the same as are used by the participants in regular unit activities.

Scouts and Leaders

Official national jamboree uniform:

Scout shorts
Scout visored cap or jamboree cap
Scout shirts, short-sleeve casual
Scout khaki web or leather belt
Scout socks (official red top)
Jamboree neckerchief
Jamboree neckerchief slide
Red nylon water-repellent jacket (optional
  (jamboree jacket emblem optional)

Activities Uniform

The activities uniform for youth and leaders will be a jamboree T-shirt, Scout shorts, Scout socks, and Scout visored cap or jamboree cap.

Travel Uniform

While abroad planes, trains, buses, or autos en route, youth and leaders must wear the official national jamboree uniform.

Proper Uniforming

Absolutely no variations in the official uniforms are to be made.

Absolutely no hats, helmets, or caps other than those listed as the official national uniform shall be worn en route to the jamboree.

T-shirts may also be worn in troop areas, but are not proper wear at special functions.

Official Neckerchiefs and Emblems

Two jamboree emblems and one neckerchief will be issued to approved youth and their leaders. The first emblem for each individual will be sent to the council upon receipt of the $50-per-person national reservation fee. They are to be presented to participants and may be worn on the uniform immediately. The second emblem will be sent to the council upon receipt of the final national payment which is due before February 1, 2001. The neckerchief will be distributed at the jamboree.

Additional quantities can be ordered in advance from the Supply Division but will not be available at the jamboree trading posts.

Required Personal Camping Equipment

1 Pack
1 Duffel bag-for carrying and storage of bulky items
1 Day pack or other means to carry lunch
2 Blankets/sheets or 1 sleeping bag, or combination of both, and a large waterproof bag, like a garbage bag
1 Air mattress
1 Ground cloth
1 Poncho
  Extra uniform parts (in addition to those parts of official uniform listed
3 Sets of underwear
  Extra socks
  Laundry bag, recommended for use in duffel bag to hold soiled clothing
2 Pair pajamas
1 Swimming Suit
1 Pair moccasins or 1 pair rubber-soled shoes
1 Eating utensil set containing 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 spoon
1 Toilet kit containing soap in container, comb, toothbrush, metal mirror, washcloth and toothpaste
1 Plastic washbasin
  Laundry materials (detergent in small plastic bag)
2 Hand towels
2 Bath towels
1 Sewing kit
1 Flashlight (no flame-type lights will be permitted
1 Scout knife
1 Bible, Testament, or prayer book-according to faith
1 Canteen or plastic water bottle
1 Insect repellent
1 Sunscreen

Optional Personal Equipment

Notebook, pen, pencil
Camera, film
Drinking cup, collapsible
Shaving gear (if needed)


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