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July 18-July 23 Tour of Washington, DC
July 23-August 1 Jamboree @ Fort A.P. Hill, VA

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Jamboree History
Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, created the idea of holding a large encampment of Scouts and leaders to celebrate Scouting in England. He called it a jamboree.

Since 1937, the Boy Scouts of America has held National Scout Jamborees for Scouts and leaders of Boy Scout councils throughout the United States. Nearly 600,000 Scouts and leaders have hiked the trails, paths, and roadways since the first jamboree was held at the base of the Washington Monument on the Mall in our nation's capital.

Since that time, 14 National Scout Jamborees have been held.

Fort A. P. Hill

Fort A. P. Hill, located in the rolling hills of Caroline County, Virginia, near the towns of Fredericksburg and Bowling Green is an ideal facility to hold this major National Scout Jamboree.

Near many historical Civil War battlefields, the installation was named in honor of Lt. General Ambrose Powell Hill, a Virginia native who distinguished himself as a Confederate commander.

This 76,000-acre U.S. Army facility has served as the permanent site for the National Scout Jamboree since 1981.

Jamboree City

The 2001 National Scout Jamboree will attract thousands of Scouts and leaders, and while it won't be the biggest city in Virginia, it will be the fastest growing on your day of arrival - July 23, 2001! Imagine 17,000 tents and 3,300 patrol kitchens popping up in a matter of hours. The Boy Scouts of America uses approximately 12,000 acres of land to support a city of nearly 40,000 Scouts and leaders.

Amid the thousands of colorful tents that will house participants and provide program and support services, there is an infrastructure that provides a safe environment at Fort A. P. Hill. Everything from bus and telephone systems to a hospital and first-aid stations, police and fire departments, post offices, food warehouses, a daily newspaper, and retail stores (trading posts) provide all the support and program services needed for an outstanding event.


The goals of the 2001 jamboree are to:

- Give Scouts and leaders a clear understanding and a deeper sense of commitment to the ideals of Scouting.

- Demonstrate to America and the world that camaraderie and the objectives of a great youth movement in a free society can be attained, even during a huge gathering.

- Emphasize physical fitness and conservation of natural resources in today's world.

- Establish and promulgate Scouting activities and methods that will find their way into the program of troops throughout the nation.

Program features will reflect the skills of Scouting, the nation's heritage, physical fitness, conservation, and the spirit of brotherhood. Daily activities will offer fun and challenge. Religious services will provide time for reflection. A cavalcade of highlight events will further depict the rich heritage of Scouting. Scouts will practice and demonstrate skills such as archery, orienteering, running obstacle courses, shotgun shooting, boating, canoeing, and hunting safety, as well as take part in the disabilities-awareness trail, competitive events, the Merit Badge Midway, and an arts and science fair. Participants also will meet in troop, intertroop, and subcamp campfires. Each Boy Scout region will again operate an Action Center, and the Merit Badge Midway will be bigger than ever!


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